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Instant and Consistent Mindfulness

Recently, I have noticed people being very hard on themselves. They want to see immediate, tangible progress, in their lives, and if they don’t perceive it happening, they get discouraged. I believe this has roots in a couple collective beliefs.

First, we have been conditioned to receive instant gratification and instant results. While lovely for us impatient types, this can have a detrimental effect, when things don’t shift as quickly as we would like. It can lead to abandoning our efforts, when we really just need to stay the course.
Second, I believe that many feel the urgency of this time period to move into conscious action. It is making us restless and even more impatient, than usual, because in many ways, it feels overdue.
So, what’s the solution:
1. Embrace the duality of mindfulness. It can happen in an instant, where you choose to step into it immediately. But, mindfulness is also a constant process. We never arrive. We have to make the choice each day. Though, it does become an easier effort with more practice. From a place of mindfulness, you are more equipped to address your blocks and make the shifts you seek.
2. It takes consistent ACTION, not just an understanding of your resistance. If things are not shifting as quickly as you would like, get honest with yourself about your commitment to action, or seek help getting to the core blocks and identifying action steps (this is where I can help you, if you need).
It’s time. Let’s do this thing—instantly and consistently.

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