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Blame is a Distraction

We are connected. Our interdependence means that the actions of each individual does, indeed, affect others and the world around us, whether we like it or not. This awareness can lead us to take personal accountability. But, within that, it can also be tempting to blame those who are not operating from the same ideas, […]

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I Am Not the Organization Unicorn

Today, I spent an hour reorganizing my email in-box. I say REORGANIZING it, because it was already organized. And then, last night happened. In a fit of deleting madness, I pushed a button and everything went poof. You know how your heart sinks and you stop breathing for a full thirty seconds, because you think […]

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But, I Did Everything RIGHT!!

Life is not a recipe. And really, when it comes to recipes, if we both make the “same” banana bread, depending on my oven or the quality of my ingredients, mine might turn out differently, anyway. In other words, life has way too many variables to be consistent. But, for many, there is a belief […]

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If You Made The Choice, Own It.

“This project really gets in my way,” he said. “What do you mean?” I replied. “Well, there are all these things that I want to do, but this project is taking up all my time.” He continued, in more detail, about how a current project, that he wanted to do and consciously chose to do, […]

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Is Family Loyalty Holding You Back?

“As you succeed, you fail.” We both sat there, quietly, for a moment, taking in the statement I just made. She had just referenced that even though she was actually quite successful in her pursuits, that she never felt like she was succeeding. This is a common feeling, and it can arise from a variety […]

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The Core Story Series: Rachel’s Story

This is the third installment in my Core Story series. This series features the real life stories of my clients, as they uncover and dismantle their limiting beliefs. To read a little about Core Stories, and my personal shift, click here. _________________________ Rachel is fine. Rachel will be fine. Rachel WILL be fine. Rachel will always be […]

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