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What could you achieve if there was a community of women that totally had your back?


You work hard…
You are passionate about creating a more conscious lifestyle for yourself and others.
You are committed to making your mark through your OWN business or artistic path.
You are seeking expansion through genuine connections with community.



You…are in the right place!


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Inspired Women is a collective that supports the well-being and expansion of conscious female entrepreneurs and artists interested in authentic connection & collaboration



blitz imageGrowing your business requires connection — but as a conscious, creative entrepreneur, traditional networking groups or large global communities can feel overwhelming or not in alignment with your values.

But that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. The power of group support can uplift, expand and enhance the way you bring your gifts into the world.

Inspired Women is here to provide that support.

We do this collectively, by each bringing our wisdom forward.

Being at the helm of your career requires dedication, but it also requires focus, balance, health, efficiency and joy. That is why we are a holistic minded community. We recognize that in order to be a changemaker in this world, that it’s important to have your home, body and spirit in alignment with your professional goals.

Are you ready to expand your reach?

Whether you are seeking more blog readers, more customers or clients, or more speaking or creative opportunities, you need to expand your reach.

But sometimes that process can feel overwhelming and inauthentic.

Conscious entrepreneurs and artists know that they can best reach their ideal communities through genuine connections.

That’s where we come in.

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Inspired Women is based in Minneapolis, where we have a solid core of local members. From there, we are working to reach our arms across the country with contacts in key, conscious cities.

We help each other reach a larger market through collaboration.

We connect one another with the communities we seek to serve.


Traditional networking groups focus on the quantity of leads or limit participation based on your business type. And groups with a global reach are often so large that you lose the personal connection to the other members.

While many of us enjoy one (or more) free online communities, the Inspired Women Collective distinguishes itself from the freebies with clear and focused ongoing structure, designated individual attention, intimate group size and consciously curated membership. All of this leads to creating value for our members.

iwc new logo 2We are not traditional.
We are about quality, not quantity; making genuine connections that lead to collaborations and referrals.
We are an intimate group, sized to create authentic relationships.
We recognize that multiple businesses in the same field have different gifts to offer.
We are here to connect and collaborate.
We are here to inspire you and be inspired.

Join us!



A handful of our current members...






o   Online Private Facebook Community to stay connected, get support and inspiration, organically network, share offerings and create collaborations

ο    Public Facebook Page that connects the community with our collective


o   Online Discussion Topics that rotate through business, home, health & spirit

o   Monthly Themes, such as transformation, simplicity, sustainability, creativity, abundance & growth, to create focus and encourage goal setting

o   Monthly Business Blitzes, at a café, where each participant has an opportunity to receive group feedback on their projects



o   Shared content around the monthly theme for support, inspiration and accountability

o   Discounts for services within the collective


Networking & Collaborations

o   Directory of members for networking and collaboration

o   An opportunity for organic connecting, collaborating, networking and gathering


There is something transcendent that happens when a group of people gather in the name of fulfilling their desires.

Transmissions occur that wouldn’t have been possible one on one, in writing, or in thought.

Connections transpire that never would have, had people not come together, in the flesh, to consciously pursue their dreams.

~Kate Northrup





My Commitment

If we haven’t met, let me introduce myself…

I’m Susan Shehata and I am committed to supporting your well-being, and business, with this community.

I am happy to say that I have been self-employed for twenty years.

What? Twenty years!! How did that happen?

Well, it began even earlier than that, actually, when I was president of our Junior Achievement company in the ninth grade (yep, business nerd right here!).

That love for leadership and entrepreneurship continued to blossom.

  • I began my career as a professional theatre artist {actor & costume designer} at age 22.
  • I started my first LLC at age 24 {Susie’s Tea Party-a children’s birthday party service}.
  • I was the right hand person to several creative professionals and small business owners.
  • I served as the Assistant Director of the oldest satirical sketch comedy theater in the U.S. {The Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre’s school, known then as the Brave New Institute}.
  • I began my holistic wellness practice, specializing in conscious home design, energywork and Rebirthing Breathwork.
  • I opened a storefront and wellness center {Sacred Rearrangements}, where I managed a healing collective, made up of other independent business owners, that I ran for five years, before simplifying the way I run my business and life.
  • I work collaboratively with a team of three, to produce events, including the Twin Cities Kirtan Fest; now in it’s 7th year. In this role, I have worked with other business owners to create vendor and sponsor relationships.
  • I am currently the co-owner of Shift Home & Lifestyle, LLC. The business offers residential remodeling, and I, personally, offer my design services, under this business.
  • My full time gig is my business: holistic wellness consultations and education for the home, body and spirit.
  • I still perform, primarily with my kirtan band, at local and national venues.
  • Ultimately, I am an artist and entrepreneur on a mission to use my voice as a performer, writer, healer and educator to assist in global evolution.

In those many years, I have learned a lot about business. But, I have learned even more about balance, well-being, collaboration and community.

In the time period that I have been surrounded by a community of hard working, kind and supportive fellow artists and entrepreneurs, I have seen my business and life blossom.

I want that for you!

I commit to overseeing this community with a structure, touch points and programming that is a foundation of support and a basis for launching further interactions, programs and content sharing among participants.

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Q & A

Q: Is this a business community or a wellness community?

A: Both. This is a community that supports the wellness of entrepreneurs and artists. As such, we cover topics that are intended to support self-employment and running a business, as well as maintaining balance in your home, health and spirit to further support your career and life; because we recognize the interconnectedness of these factors. This is a holistic community.

Q: Why does this community make the distinction of also catering toward artistic professionals?

A: Well, many artistic professionals do not fit into traditional business communities, even though their careers involve many of the same requirements that entrepreneurs have. Also, though some artists recognize that they are entrepreneurs, many don’t.  So for those who may not, we have made the invitation clearer.

Q: What types of professionals participate?

A: All kinds! You can be a solopreneur or small business owner in any field, as long as you are committed to creating a more conscious lifestyle for yourself and the people you serve. We have made the distinction to include creative professionals (see above question), but you don’t have to be one. Many wellness professionals are naturally drawn to a conscious lifestyle, so this community draws wellness people, but we welcome any conscious business, and prefer a well-rounded community!

Q: How collaborative is this collective?

A: The short answer is this community is as collaborative as you make it. The long answer is though I seek a collaborative model, this community is tied to my business, because that is the simplest, most economical way I found to make it accessible and sustainable. Because the legal and financial details are under my business, I have determined some structural and foundational components of the community, to ensure that it is in alignment with my business model and is sustainable for me to oversee. Beyond that, this group has space for people to bring their individual talents forward, as well as to co-create what they seek within the community.

Q: Are there opportunities for leadership within the community?

A: If you are here, you are a leader. I want to honor that. Therefore, if you seek to lead a sub-group, a project or anything else that aligns with the community structure, you will have the opportunity to do so.

Q: When was Inspired Women founded?

A: Inspired Women was founded in August of 2014.

Q: How many participants are in the community?

A: Our current community ranges between 15-25 members

Q: What does my membership fee cover?

A: Your membership fee covers participation in all the offerings listed above, including the business blitzes. The cost is your investment in a community with defined leadership, form and structure. The fee covers the administrative time associated with that. The structure of the group and amount of participants has been consciously designed for the monthly fee to be a sustainable compensation for the level of time required to administer the group. Any additional costs that may arise by creating more formal gatherings, or any other additional events would be optional and at the discretion of the group.

Q: When do the monthly business blitzes take place?

A: The blitzes currently take place on the third Wednesday of each month, from 11 am-1:30 pm. Days/times are determined by current members preferences.

Q: How long do I have to commit?

A: Six month terms

Q: Is there an application process?

A: Yes. We ask that you submit an application to be considered for participation. While there are no specific requirements, beyond what has been outlined on this page, your application is a declaration of your interest in the community and an opportunity to interact deeper to ensure that our structure is in alignment with what you are seeking. While we welcome an overlap of businesses in the same specialty or genre, the application process  is also an opportunity for us to ensure that our membership stays somewhat diverse in professions.

More Questions? Contact me  inspired women join now