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The Fabulous Paper Purge with M.A. Rosko; Fox News Morning Show

Three Systems to Organize your Paper Clutter; Fox News Morning Show






The Space Guru Offers Tips for Clearing Clutter; KARE 11




Spring cleaning came easier when she realized what to let go; Pioneer Press





The 3 Questions That Will Eliminate Your Paper Clutter; Huffington Post

5 Things Your Bedroom Says About Your Relationship; Huffington Post

6 Ways to Spice Up Your Bedroom; Huffington Post





Featured Instructor Interview; Normandale Community College






Space Guru Radio Profile; Get Real; 107.1 FM







Space Feature; Fox News







the edge






The Space Guru Column; Edge Magazine

Opening Up for Something New

How Do You Feel About Your Belongings?

Do You Play the Rearranging Game?

You and Your Relationship with Your Home

Decision Making Affects the Flow of Life

Are Your Things Helping You, or Holding You Back?

The Universe’s Message is Received, Loud and Clear

Answers are Inside of Ourselves, and Our Homes


Raising the Consciousness Radio Segments; Host; AM950

AM 950











5 Life Lessons I Learned From Being an Actor; Huffington Post

The World Is Changing: What Will You Stand For?; Huffington Post





The One Belief That Can Rule Our Lives; Elephant Journal

How to Keep our Opinion and Drop the Judgments; Elephant Journal






Soul Sisters: Raising the Consciousness; Edge Magazine

Soul Sisters: Raising the Consciousness Part II; Edge Magazine

Vision Quest; Edge Magazine

the edge





Profile Feature; Marie Pocock


Raising the Consciousness Radio Segments; Host; AM950







Interview; Pratfalls of Parenting










yoga chicago



Album Review; YogaChicago


New Music for 2013; Edge Magazine


Music Interview; Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist


Twin Cities Kirtan Fest 2014: A dynamic experience; Edge Magazine





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