Unstick your Story

Clear the beliefs
and behaviors 
that keep you stuck

Every day, you navigate many aspects of your life and you're starting to see a pattern:


  • You can't believe you did it again. You scheduled six back-to-back meetings with no time to breathe, let alone eat. 


  • You stuck your foot in your mouth with your new friend for the third time and now you can't stop beating yourself up.


  • You are dying to finally speak up to your overcritical mother-in-law, but you bite your tongue for the hundredth time.

Underneath these patterns, what drives your behavior are your Core Beliefs---primal beliefs you have about yourself, others and the world.

These beliefs form in early childhood and stay with you throughout your life. They are centered around seven themes that I call your Core Story Patterns℠.

Your Core Story Patterns can both support you and create limitations.

How you experience the world is largely driven by these unconscious, automatic and often outdated patterns.

This can create many daily mindset and logistic challenges that leave you frustrated.

But the good news is that once you become conscious of your primary Core Story Pattern, you can actively shift your life.

I'm Susan Shehata and I help you Unstick the Story that keeps you stuck, so that you can finally find peace.

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Susan is masterful at not only being able to hold space for the healing nature of this work, but is also adept at pushing us to dive into those parts of ourselves which we have most avoided - and we are able to go there because she makes us feel safe, strong, and armed with innate tools for our own healing.  She helps us to discover those tools, and learn how to use them effectively.


Let's Get Started

Choose the approach that is best for you!

clear the beliefs and behaviors that keep you stuck

Choose the approach that is best for you!

clear the core beliefs that keep you stuck

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My relationship with my mom has shifted, and more importantly my relationship with myself.  I've been able to set boundaries I didn't even know I needed.  My communication style is more aware, as well as how I speak to myself and the words I use every day. My compassion is stronger for everyone---friends, family and strangers.


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Unstick the Story that Keeps you Stuck!

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