What's Your Story?

You have a story.

It began before you were old enough to tell it.

The years passed and it became more and more defined.

That story lives within your spaces: the space around your home, and the space within your body.

They both store your deepest patterns of thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

Most of your story is helpful~it’s what drives your spirit and fuels your passions.

But part of your story holds you back and keeps you stuck.

And I can help you.

* I see your purpose
* I understand your resistance
* I feel your readiness to make a shift


And, if you're willing, I will gently and effectively guide you in a process that gets to the heart of what is holding you back from being the loving, productive and joyful person that you envision yourself to be.


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Is your home supporting you or sabotaging you?

Too much stuff, too little space…Where do you even begin!?

Or perhaps your rooms are looking a little bland and lifeless.

With a Space Consultation,

we will create a plan to clear the clutter, establish solutions and refresh your style to design a home that reflects your values and supports your life goals.

Sessions available in person or by skype.


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Is your inner critic a little out of control?

Perhaps you've experienced a recent or past trauma, that continues to affect your current life.

Or maybe you’re frustrated with the same issues showing up, creating more fear, anger or sadness, when you thought you were over them.

Are you ready to experience the ease that comes when you stop judging yourself and you freely express your gifts in the world?

With Core Story Work & Breathwork,

we will identify and unwind the core obstacles that keep you stuck in a repetitive cycle and unable to shine.


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Whatever the approach, our work together:

* Gets to the heart of your most pressing challenge

* Cuts through the destructive patterns that keep you small

* And provides you with concrete strategies for enhancing your home and life


I invite you to transform your story.



You are ready.

Let’s get started….