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Can You Be Overly Attached To Trauma?

  Yesterday I posted about the importance of not suppressing trauma. So, today, I want to talk about indulging the feelings related to a past trauma or being attached to past trauma. Now, I hesitate to talk about this, because it can easily be misconstrued. I would NEVER put a timeline on any person, because…

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Are Suppressed Traumas Causing you Pain?

  Do you experience the symptoms of anxiety or depression? Do you have any physical health challenges? If I were to ask you if you had experienced trauma, what would you say? Many experts in the field define trauma as an event that left you feeling disempowered. If that seems like a really large spectrum…it…

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Emotions are Neutral—even the uncomfortable ones

  I have seen several references to “negative emotions” lately. Socially speaking, we have a way of labeling any uncomfortable emotion as negative. And, from my professional perspective, I feel that is damaging to our well-being. I believe that ALL emotions are neutral—there is no such thing as good or bad emotions. Emotions are simply…

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