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Are Guns Just Another Possession?

  With times as they are, I find myself reflecting on gun violence, more than I would like.   Recently, I was reflecting on gun ownership through my “Spacework” lens. After all, an aspect of my work involves the psychology of our possessions—what our stuff represents, how it serves us, and why we are attached…

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The Danger Of Polarized Thinking

  I don’t believe in “good” guys and “bad” guys. It’s a cognitive distortion to believe that people fall fully into one of two camps. Or to forget that we are constantly fluid, and capable of wonderful and terrible things, under certain circumstances. So, to base conversations, debates, or policy on that belief is usually…

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Why We Normalize Social Injustice

Normalization.   Normalization refers to social processes through which ideas and actions come to be seen as ‘normal,’ and become taken-for-granted or ‘natural’ in everyday life. (Thanks Wikipedia!)   Normalization, itself, isn’t inherently good or bad. But, when we experience trauma, one of our biggest survival strategies is to normalize what we experience.   For…

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