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Emily’s Breathwork Journey

  In 2012, a friend introduced me to rebirthing breathwork, and I committed to the recommended 10-session program.  I was 36 at the time.   In the course of that year, my life shifted in ways which created an entirely new foundation upon which my current life was built – and, with whole heart and…

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What is Medical Trauma?

  Medical Trauma. It’s not something that we talk about a lot, if at all. In fact, even in my 15+ years working actively with clients on trauma, I wasn’t all that familiar with it. Or rather, I didn’t think of it as a unique subset of trauma, but it is. I give thanks to…

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What Are You Resisting?

    Once upon a time, in my stage combat class, I learned how to fall properly.   One of the keys to a safe pratfall, is to flow with the movement, avoiding any resistance, as you roll into the fall. The resistance, which usually stems from fear, is actually where much of the potential…

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Are You Minimizing Yourself and Others?

Yesterday, I observed a woman denying that an advertisement was offensive, simply because it didn’t offend HER, personally.   In my humble opinion, I believe there is a more empathetic, and socially effective approach we can choose.   See, I don’t believe it is my place to define someone else’s trauma.  The woman can choose…

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Are Guns Just Another Possession?

  With times as they are, I find myself reflecting on gun violence, more than I would like.   Recently, I was reflecting on gun ownership through my “Spacework” lens. After all, an aspect of my work involves the psychology of our possessions—what our stuff represents, how it serves us, and why we are attached…

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The Danger Of Polarized Thinking

  I don’t believe in “good” guys and “bad” guys. It’s a cognitive distortion to believe that people fall fully into one of two camps. Or to forget that we are constantly fluid, and capable of wonderful and terrible things, under certain circumstances. So, to base conversations, debates, or policy on that belief is usually…

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Why We Normalize Social Injustice

Normalization.   Normalization refers to social processes through which ideas and actions come to be seen as ‘normal,’ and become taken-for-granted or ‘natural’ in everyday life. (Thanks Wikipedia!)   Normalization, itself, isn’t inherently good or bad. But, when we experience trauma, one of our biggest survival strategies is to normalize what we experience.   For…

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Can Experiences Be Toxic?

  Why are we willing to believe that exposure to toxic chemicals can cause cancer, but we can’t accept that exposure to a toxic experience can do the same? When we experience trauma, the subsequent feelings can linger in our bodies, for the rest of our lives. These chronic feelings impact our nervous system, and…

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Be Responsible with your Voice

  I am in the market for a new wool rug, so, I have been reading online reviews. I began to notice a through line… The reviews are riddled with comments like, “Terrible rug! Won’t stop shedding!” and “I had to return this rug because there is something wrong with it. It’s shedding all over…

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Anxiety is Not An Emotion

Yesterday, I read a post about emotions being neutral, a concept to which I also subscribe, and recently wrote about. The post mentioned how if you observe emotion without judgment, the emotion passes, or transforms into something else. Someone made a comment on the post regarding anxiety. She mentioned that she lived with anxiety for…

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