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Are You Giving Away Your Power?

  Perhaps you are afraid. Perhaps you have prescribed to one of the following: “There are those who seek to hurt me and the people I love. The government is contributing to this threat.” OR “There are those who seek to hurt me and the people I love. The government will save me from this…

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Can You Be Overly Attached To Trauma?

  Yesterday I posted about the importance of not suppressing trauma. So, today, I want to talk about indulging the feelings related to a past trauma or being attached to past trauma. Now, I hesitate to talk about this, because it can easily be misconstrued. I would NEVER put a timeline on any person, because…

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Are Suppressed Traumas Causing you Pain?

  Do you experience the symptoms of anxiety or depression? Do you have any physical health challenges? If I were to ask you if you had experienced trauma, what would you say? Many experts in the field define trauma as an event that left you feeling disempowered. If that seems like a really large spectrum…it…

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Emotions are Neutral—even the uncomfortable ones

  I have seen several references to “negative emotions” lately. Socially speaking, we have a way of labeling any uncomfortable emotion as negative. And, from my professional perspective, I feel that is damaging to our well-being. I believe that ALL emotions are neutral—there is no such thing as good or bad emotions. Emotions are simply…

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Can Despair be Productive?

Productive Despair   Interesting phrase, isn’t it?   In the last week, I have had a number of clients, and friends, that feel completely overwhelmed. They feel that perhaps things will never improve—how will they ever overcome the patterns of their past, or perhaps a recent loss or challenge?   Whenever I see a theme,…

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Why Do We Freeze and Lose Our Voice During Trauma?

People often ask why a victim didn’t just leave a situation, or why they didn’t speak up, right away—or why the victim’s story wasn’t cohesive. So, let’s talk about Tonic Immobility and Broca’s Area, and I’ll keep it (relatively) brief, so the next time you come across these statements from people, you can whip this…

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Are You Resistant to Healing or Just Trying to Protect Yourself?

To paraphrase one of my mentors, “Trauma happens in a split second. Everything that happens, after that second, is a survival strategy.” What that means, in essence, is that when we are healing trauma, we are actually mostly healing our survival strategies. These “strategies” are responses, beliefs and behaviors that came in to protect us…

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Why Tell Your Story?

  I’m what’s called a late adopter—someone who is very slow (umm…resistant) to new trends and developments. I had a cell phone that was billed by the minute, and roughly the size of a newborn baby, way longer than necessary. But, at least there is one area in life where I am an early adopter:…

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Back to School Systems

“Back to school” can mean back to streamlined routines or back to total chaos—your pick! Here are three zones to implement in your home that will help you create order:   The Drop Zone As soon as the kids walk through that door, they drop whatever they are carrying—backpack, sports equipment, jackets, instruments. Designate a…

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Instant and Consistent Mindfulness

Recently, I have noticed people being very hard on themselves. They want to see immediate, tangible progress, in their lives, and if they don’t perceive it happening, they get discouraged. I believe this has roots in a couple collective beliefs.   First, we have been conditioned to receive instant gratification and instant results. While lovely…

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