Cheese Puffs and Other Choices

By Susan Shehata / September 8, 2015 /

Have you ever gone grocery shopping while you were hungry? You know how it goes—you begin tossing every “delicious seeming thing” willy-nilly into your cart. Your radar is off. Your mind is certainly not making the clearest, most rational choices. Then the next day, you peek into the fridge and cupboards, wondering what you were…

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The Bedroom That Changed Her Life

By Susan Shehata / August 31, 2015 /

When I first met a client I’ll call Jennifer, she had never thought about the connection between her space and her well-being. We were introduced by a mutual friend, who felt that my work would make an impact on Jennifer’s life. Jennifer was in her early 40’s. She was a successful creative professional, who split…

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Are You Willing To Let Your Life Improve?

By Susan Shehata / June 25, 2015 /

“I am now ready to let go of this.” This is my motto lately, as I scour my house (and I mean, SCOUR) for anything that is just sitting around and taking up space. The motto also appears to be permeating all areas of my life, as I am getting clearer on how to continue…

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The Shop. A Behind the Scenes Peek at How I Spent $100.

By Susan Shehata / June 25, 2015 /

I love a bargain! I have had a retail business for nine years–my own shop for five years, and then I moved my retail into a collective occasional market. Currently, the retail aspect of my business, which focuses on vintage and re-claimed home decor, is very small, and that is a conscious choice. The constant…

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Actually, that’s a judgment…not your opinion.

By Susan Shehata / May 14, 2015 /

  I am sitting on the plane, while I wait for the remaining passengers to board. The woman next to me is talking loudly on her cell phone. Airplanes, and airports, are ripe for this kind of conduct; where a person in close quarters decides to exhibit a behavior usually reserved for a private space.…

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This is Why You Should Let Me In Your House.

By Susan Shehata / March 6, 2015 /

  “Oh, my gosh! I can’t imagine letting you in my house!” As a space consultant, you know how many times I’ve heard that over the years? Too many. I have a secret for you. If you and I walk through your house together, only one person is going to be judging you. And it…

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Inspired Objects: Carved Shelf

By Susan Shehata / February 23, 2015 /

What it is: Carved wood shelf   Why I love it: o The shape and details o The paint job o Because it has a function How it inspires me: I love carved wood pieces. I also love a great paint job! So, combine the two and you have a unique, one of a kind piece. This piece inspires me…

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How to Play the Spiritual Evolution Game

By Susan Shehata / January 29, 2015 /

  I am 5’2” with a slender physique. I am what the French call “petite” or what we Midwesterners have elegantly translated that as: Little. I have heard my fair share of “Gosh, look how little you are!” {Because perhaps it’s a surprise to me every time, right?} When I was young, these comments drove me…

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3 Techniques to Streamline your Space in 2015

By Susan Shehata / January 14, 2015 /

  I believe the difference between effective spaces and total chaos is having organizational systems and processes that work for you and your family. Here are three techniques that you can try in your home in the upcoming year: The Action Basket Designate a large basket or container for objects that require action. Clutter often includes projects…

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An Exercise to Reclaim your Spirit

By Susan Shehata / December 23, 2014 /

Have you ever felt like you lost a part of yourself? When we begin a wellness discovery process, we often identify a specific time period in our lives where we disconnected from a part of our identity. This point may have been triggered by a traumatic event, such as an accident, death of a loved one,…

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