Inspired Objects: Santa

By Susan Shehata / December 11, 2014 /

What it is: Sparkle Santa   Why I love it: o The size & shape o The vintage style o The sparkles How it inspires me: I love vintage looking (and actual vintage) Santas. I do not do a lot of decorating for the holidays, so I focus on a few keys areas and use items I really love.…

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Discomfort Happens

By Susan Shehata / November 20, 2014 /

  Last night, something bit me. I was just sitting working on my computer, minding my own business, and that’s when it happened. It was super uncomfortable. At first, I wasn’t aware it had happened so I was unconsciously scratching it (which, of course, made it worse). Then I became conscious that something had happened…

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Bold Leap

By Susan Shehata / October 14, 2014 /
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5 Life Lessons I Learned from Being an Actor

By Susan Shehata / September 29, 2014 /

1. Nothing is personal. It’s not about you. Also known as, “we already have the brunette.” The first time I heard a variation of this phrase uttered, it was while I was working as a casting assistant and it was in regards to race, not hair color. The client, in search for a “multi-racial representation of…

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Inspired Objects: THE Shoes

By Susan Shehata / September 16, 2014 /

What they are: Silver Glitter Shoes   Why I love them: o Silver glitter o The animal print interior o The giant chunky heel How it inspires me: These shoes are ridiculous, let’s face it! But, they can be ridiculous and incredible. I purchased these shoes with the intent of wearing them for a cabaret style show. I…

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Depression: The Unspoken Connection You May Decide to Care About

By Susan Shehata / August 26, 2014 /

Several weeks ago, while speaking with my mom, I burst into tears. “There is just so much suffering on the planet!” My mother gently reminded me that I couldn’t take it all on. To do so would be harming myself and would certainly not put me in a better position to help others. “You are…

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You Wanna Fly?

By Susan Shehata / August 5, 2014 /
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Is your Best Stuff Tucked in the Closet?

By Susan Shehata / July 29, 2014 /

I bought a new throw. You know…those small, decorative blankets that you “throw” casually on a sofa or bed that really serves no other purpose, but to look pretty. It’s gorgeous.  Red cashmere trimmed with feathers. With a cat and a Siberian husky in the house, who leave trails of fur behind them, I have…

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The Secret to Accomplishing More

By Susan Shehata / July 16, 2014 /

I have this little habit. I am an overachiever. Which, in my case, means that as soon as I achieve something, I am over it. I have this habit of striving for a goal (sometimes for years) and as soon as I am done accomplishing the goal, and often during, I have already begun to set…

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Inspired Objects: A Bee Box

By Susan Shehata / July 8, 2014 /

What it is: A decorative box   Why I love it: o The mirrored surface o The French design o I LOVE containers How it inspires me: The beauty of containers is that they are both functional and attractive. I love using them in areas that may otherwise attract clutter. This would look great on the back of…

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