Why Tell Your Story?

By Susan Shehata / October 19, 2017 /

  I’m what’s called a late adopter—someone who is very slow (umm…resistant) to new trends and developments. I had a cell phone that was billed by the minute, and roughly the size of a newborn baby, way longer than necessary. But, at least there is one area in life where I am an early adopter:…

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Back to School Systems

By Susan Shehata / October 1, 2017 /

“Back to school” can mean back to streamlined routines or back to total chaos—your pick! Here are three zones to implement in your home that will help you create order:   The Drop Zone As soon as the kids walk through that door, they drop whatever they are carrying—backpack, sports equipment, jackets, instruments. Designate a…

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Instant and Consistent Mindfulness

By Susan Shehata / September 20, 2017 /

Recently, I have noticed people being very hard on themselves. They want to see immediate, tangible progress, in their lives, and if they don’t perceive it happening, they get discouraged. I believe this has roots in a couple collective beliefs.   First, we have been conditioned to receive instant gratification and instant results. While lovely…

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What’s the Link Between Trauma and Disease?

By Susan Shehata / July 12, 2017 /

My father is a retired scientist. When I was a child, he studied the impact of stress on the immune system of plants. The simplified version is that plants were exposed to known stressors, like over exposure to the sun, or a lack of water. Not only did the plants begin to naturally wither and…

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Removing the Mental Health Stigma

By Susan Shehata / March 18, 2017 /

  Can we please remove the stigma around mental health? Perhaps, when we do, we could more comfortably see the interconnection between our minds and spirits, and our physical health and disease. Many perceive that connecting these elements means “blaming the victim” for their physical health. Which infers that we are, consciously or subconsciously, blaming…

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A Wake Up Call

By Susan Shehata / January 27, 2017 /

  “The man walking in front of us,” my cousin whispered, “was held at this camp.” It was the summer before my senior year in college and my parents and I were visiting my family in Germany. I had read the book, The Hiding Place, years earlier, and was deeply fascinated by the Holocaust. It…

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Activism: Choose Your Own Adventure

By Susan Shehata / January 22, 2017 /

  Many people are more ready, than ever, to take conscious action. And that excites me! My particular service is spiritual activism. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like it is enough. I am constantly humbled by the level of activism that I have witnessed in history and within my own lifetime. It can make my offerings…

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By Susan Shehata / January 13, 2017 /

  Fear tells us to worry that if IT happened in the past, IT could happen in the future. Fear tells us to worry that even if IT has never happened, that IT could happen at any time. Fear tells us to worry that if IT has happened to someone else, IT could happen to us.…

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Blame is a Distraction

By Susan Shehata / January 10, 2017 /

We are connected. Our interdependence means that the actions of each individual does, indeed, affect others and the world around us, whether we like it or not. This awareness can lead us to take personal accountability. But, within that, it can also be tempting to blame those who are not operating from the same ideas,…

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Intuition: A No Nonsense Approach to your Sixth Sense—part 3

By Susan Shehata / December 14, 2016 /

In part one and part two of this series, I discuss some of the ways to perceive intuition, and where intuitive information comes from. And now for some ways to strengthen your intuition: What makes some people more able to receive intuitive information than others? In a nutshell, it is dependent on your receptivity—figuratively and…

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