We Cannot Solve Racial Injustice in a Vacuum

By Susan Shehata / August 26, 2020 /

Let me make this 1000% clear, if it is not already:   Our current world was INTENTIONALLY set up to be hierarchical.   As a large part of that, race, an artificial construct, was created to dehumanize, minimize, traumatize and often eradicate a large portion of humanity. This has been proven time and time again—through…

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Do We Have Crystals in our Brains?

By Susan Shehata / August 19, 2020 /

Do we have crystals in our brains? Why does my dog have to position themselves “just so” when they poop?   These are probably questions you have NEVER asked yourself. (Ok, maybe that second one)   Magnetoreception is the sense that allows organisms to perceive things like altitude and location. It’s what helps creatures with…

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You’re Being Manipulated (and one simple step you can take about it)

By Susan Shehata / August 12, 2020 /

Once I saw the barrage of penises on the cigarette boxes, and I noticed the sudsy “S. E. X.” in the Drano, as it melted down the drain, I knew that my perspective on life would never be the same.   When I was in ninth grade, I did a speech on the subliminal use…

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Four Steps to Feel your Feelings (and why it matters)

By Susan Shehata / August 11, 2020 /

Collectively, it’s a tough time, right now. Lots of fear, frustration, grief and rage. So, here’s the deal:   Feel your feelings.   I know…it sounds obvious, but it’s not.   Most of us were taught to suppress our feelings. Even the most conscious parents or caretakers, inadvertently, soothed us in ways that may have…

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Disinformation got you down?

By Susan Shehata / August 4, 2020 /

The disinformation machine is hard at work, but there are things we can keep in mind to help us navigate the deception.   Recognize that the best lies include pieces of the truth. We resonate to the part that is true, especially if it confirms an already established belief. When this happens, we will be…

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Can we Make Space to Repair Conflict?

By Susan Shehata / July 29, 2020 /

In a world full of “I told you so” and worse, is it a wonder why people double down on their position, even if they may *want* to change their mind?   Let’s face it, collectively we lean into shame and blame of ourselves and each other. If there are no clear pathways to course-correct—no…

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Exploring your Victim Story

By Susan Shehata / July 28, 2020 /

Victim.   It’s a loaded word. Let’s talk about it from a broader perspective, because it is related to your life more than you may even know.   In my work, there are two ways I talk about this word:   Victimization and Victim Consciousness.   Victimization is when we experience an act that is…

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Fear vs. Danger: knowing the difference might save your life

By Susan Shehata / July 27, 2020 /

Fear has a bad reputation.   So, let’s get clear about something. As I see it, fear is not an inherently negative emotion.   Fear, like all emotions, is simply a communication tool. It tells us that something does not feel okay. Fear seeks to protect us from a perceived danger.   But, here’s the…

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The Challenge of Misplaced Concerns

By Susan Shehata / July 16, 2020 /

I want to talk about something that I think is very relevant to our current world.   As young children, we are often confused about what is ACTUALLY going on around us—in our household and the world. In our desire for understanding, we assign meaning to what we are feeling.   In other words, we…

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How your Core Beliefs Impact your Perception of Masks

By Susan Shehata / July 13, 2020 /

Since we are in the days of the coronavirus and wearing a mask has become a debatable activity, let’s talk mask usage from a trauma and behavioral perspective.   First of all, let’s recall that emotion typically dictates our logic, and not the other way around.   Emotion is based on perception and perception is…

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