Fear and Awareness Part 2

By Susan Shehata / March 13, 2020 /

Earlier this week, I spoke of the difference between fear and awareness. I mentioned the importance of being mindful about tipping into fear and what it does to our brain and body.   That being said, I want to remind you how normal it is to experience fear.   I’ve seen some great online posts…

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Coronavirus: The difference between fear and awareness

By Susan Shehata / March 11, 2020 /

Hey there! It’s me, again—your friendly, neighborhood trauma educator, here to talk to you about what fear does to your brain and why that’s going to be important for you to know in the next 6+ months.   I do believe that the Coronavirus poses a significant public health risk. I also believe that it…

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A Family Friendly Sex Parable for our Times

By Susan Shehata / February 25, 2020 /

  Storytime. A long, long time ago, when Unity Consciousness was the prevailing force on the planet, there were those that understood that certain activities brought humans closer together. Sex was one of the activities that created connection and unity. Then, along came those who sought to disrupt unity consciousness. Because a divided people were…

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One Year. One Closet. One Year of Purchases.

By Susan Shehata / February 2, 2020 /

Conscious Consumption.   As you may know by now, I’m a big fan of practicing what I preach. So, for both personal and professional reasons, I decided to challenge myself to a little game in 2019. I tracked ALL of my clothing purchases. For each purchase, I notated what it was, where it was purchased,…

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The Four Main Trauma Responses

By Susan Shehata / January 2, 2020 /

Recently, I shared a trauma series over on my new Instagram account (susan.shehata). I thought it would be beneficial to do an overview here, as well. When it comes to trauma responses, most people are familiar with Fight or Flight. Some are even familiar with Freeze. But do you know about Fawn? It’s also sometimes…

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Emily’s Breathwork Journey

By Susan Shehata / October 23, 2019 /

  In 2012, a friend introduced me to rebirthing breathwork, and I committed to the recommended 10-session program.  I was 36 at the time.   In the course of that year, my life shifted in ways which created an entirely new foundation upon which my current life was built – and, with whole heart and…

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What is Medical Trauma?

By Susan Shehata / October 23, 2019 /

  Medical Trauma. It’s not something that we talk about a lot, if at all. In fact, even in my 15+ years working actively with clients on trauma, I wasn’t all that familiar with it. Or rather, I didn’t think of it as a unique subset of trauma, but it is. I give thanks to…

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What Are You Resisting?

By Susan Shehata / August 30, 2019 /

    Once upon a time, in my stage combat class, I learned how to fall properly.   One of the keys to a safe pratfall, is to flow with the movement, avoiding any resistance, as you roll into the fall. The resistance, which usually stems from fear, is actually where much of the potential…

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Are You Minimizing Yourself and Others?

By Susan Shehata / July 16, 2019 /

Yesterday, I observed a woman denying that an advertisement was offensive, simply because it didn’t offend HER, personally.   In my humble opinion, I believe there is a more empathetic, and socially effective approach we can choose.   See, I don’t believe it is my place to define someone else’s trauma.  The woman can choose…

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Are Guns Just Another Possession?

By Susan Shehata / April 13, 2019 /

  With times as they are, I find myself reflecting on gun violence, more than I would like.   Recently, I was reflecting on gun ownership through my “Spacework” lens. After all, an aspect of my work involves the psychology of our possessions—what our stuff represents, how it serves us, and why we are attached…

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