Your story lives in your body.

Even when you consciously address your limiting core beliefs with therapy or coaching, you may find you hit a wall.

That's because your stories are embedded deeper than the conscious mind---they inhabit your cells. Your body is constantly responding to your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, which changes your biochemistry. That means these subconscious stories are hardwired into your body, until you actively shift them.


Additionally, many of your deepest patterns were established as a young child before you had a strong sense of language---so it becomes very difficult, if not impossible, to address these patterns through words alone.


At a certain point, you have to drop fully into your body to release your story on a somatic level.


Your breath is one of the greatest tools we have for this work. 

From your very first breath, onward, your emotional and behavioral patterns became interconnected with your breathing. 


The gift of this connection is that you can use conscious breathing as a tool to regulate the nervous system, access subconscious emotional material that keeps you stuck and develop new physiological responses.


Rebirthing Breathwork is a specific connected, conscious breathing technique that accesses and releases both the emotional and physical patterns, held in your body, that are contributing to your deepest challenges.


Breathwork Sessions are offered as part of a customized integrative process to help you Unstick your Story.

Learning how to use the breath has enabled me to access deep seated beliefs and suppressed emotions that I couldn't engage and release on a conscious level. I am so grateful that my body innately knows how to relieve me of my subconscious saboteurs using the breath. - Rachel


Your Two Hour Sessions Include

* Goal and Obstacle Review to continue your unwinding process

* Body Inventory to discuss any new injuries, illness or discomfort

* Story Check In to examine how patterns are currently manifesting in your life

* Breathwork

* Intuitive wisdom and deeper exploration about the interconnection of any physical or emotional symptoms, and life experiences

* Exploration of limiting beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, emotions and behaviors

* Distilling, Reframing and Dismantling of your core story and its resulting patterns to release their effect on you

* Mindfulness practices to take into your day to day life

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I've had truly transformational breathwork sessions with Susan. With Susan's insightful guidance I was able to breakthrough some deep emotional and energetic blocks. I am very grateful to Susan for all the support she has given me in my journey of healing. - A.F.