Breathwork Sessions

Dissolve obstacles on a cellular level with this modality of conscious, connected breathing.

Every time an intense emotion occurred in your life, you likely altered your breath. In that moment, the emotion was held in your body, forming an imprint.

These imprints become reinforced from similar reactions over time and eventually form emotional and behavioral patterns and may also manifest into physical discomfort and illness.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a connected, conscious breathing technique that releases both the emotional and physical patterns, leading to different perceptions, behaviors and results in your life.

Because of the breath’s unique nature as both an involuntary and voluntary bodily function, this technique has the powerful ability to bridge the unconsciousness and consciousness and shift patterns on a cellular level.


Learning how to use the breath has enabled me to access deep seated beliefs and suppressed emotions that I couldn't engage and release on a conscious level. I am so grateful that my body innately knows how to relieve me of my subconscious saboteurs using the breath. - Rachel


Your Two Hour Sessions Include

* Goal and Obstacle Review to continue your unwinding process

* Body Inventory to discuss any new physical manifestations in your body; such as injuries, illness or discomfort

* Story Check In to examine how patterns are currently manifesting in your life

* Breathwork

* Intuitive wisdom and deeper exploration about the interconnection of any physical or emotional symptoms, and life experiences; as well as how they all relate to your deeper soul patterns.

* Exploration of limiting beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, emotions and behaviors

* Distilling, Reframing and Dismantling of your core story and its resulting patterns to release their effect on you

* Mindfulness practices to take into your day to day life

Breathwork sessions have the most powerful effect when done in a series. You may, however, commit to as many or as few sessions as you would like. Many see profound effects after their first session. I recommend that you begin with one session and then, we will establish a program that meets your needs.


I've had truly transformational breathwork sessions with Susan. With Susan's insightful guidance I was able to breakthrough some deep emotional and energetic blocks. I am very grateful to Susan for all the support she has given me in my journey of healing. - A.F.