Space Work

With Susan's help I immediately felt a weight had come off my entire life. I still have some work to do but I already see vast improvement! ~Rosi

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I thought this was just a moment of brilliance, when you looked at my house and you said, “Look at all this space that you have and you’re not giving yourself any of it. You’re not designing a space for yourself that honors who you are and what you want to do in the world.”

~Joan Steffend

Author, Speaker, TV Host 

I am so glad we met with you.  Rick has been purging like crazy from the garage.  We made some changes to the living room by rearranging some of the furniture and we hung some new window treatments.  Our bathroom is finally done, window treatments and all.  Talking with you opened my eyes to many things. It jolted me forward in many ways.  Many internal ways. . . that was surprising to me.  Next on the agenda is the office and this summer is furniture making.   ~Colleen


Susan, thank you for your involvement in creating the new “home like” space at Benedictine Health Center of Minneapolis!  Your help and ideas were invaluable to us.  ~Kathy


Thanks for meeting with us and going that extra mile for our unique needs.  Peter and I found your analysis to be quite helpful and are already implementing some of the suggestions in our house design. ~Kelly

Susan really got to the root of the problems we were experiencing in our home and helped us figure out simple, workable solutions.  Since our consultation, our home has felt so much more livable!

~Laura Zabel, Executive Director

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I have used Susan Shehata’s services for my real estate business as well as for my own home. Susan did an evaluation on my home and gave me a lot of useful information. She has also done evaluations for many of my real estate listings and my clients have always been very happy with her suggestions.

~Linda, RE/MAX Associates Plus, Inc.


Susan helped me with both my apartment and, later, my house.   She used language that was perfect for a skeptic such as me and she was gracious and thorough in her follow-up suggestions.   Susan is also a lot of fun to take on a shopping trip.    ~Jim


My husband and I asked Susan to do a home consultation when we bought our house. Over the next 5 years, whenever we were ready to make a change, we referred to Susan's guidance from that single session. It not only helped us beautify and organize our home space, but enhanced our relationship too. ~M

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I did rearrange my living room after you left that day. Today I bought some plants and planters for the front porch....I like the way it's looking out there! It does feel more nurturing to me. Your visit has inspired me and given me direction....thank you, thank you. ~Amy


Susan resolved issues for me that go way back. There were many reasons for the clutter around my house; she was able to ask the right questions to pull out what I needed to look at. What is so wonderful is she not only has a sense about what the issue is, but she knew how to carefully counsel me so that I could have closure and solutions to some old set in issues. I highly recommend Susan to help you not only build a sanctuary within your home, but also within yourself. She cares deeply about people and for their well-being and comfort.  ~Rachel

Storywork & Breathwork

Just wanted to say thanks for the great session yesterday!  I woke up this morning full of energy!  ~Tye


I had a session with Susan last week and it was incredibly supportive and illuminating. I highly recommend Susan's healing skills. She is very intuitive and caring. Her insights have been spot on for me. I plan to go back! ~Rachel


I was at a professional crossroads in my life - which spilled too easily into my personal life, causing me struggles with my confidence and motivation. Better than any therapist I've ever visited, Susan listened to my life story and was able to hone in on what challenges in my life needed my sincere attention.  Through our discussion and the use of energy and breathwork, she refocused my mind and empowered me to work to improve my life.  I can easily say that it was a powerful and life-affirming experience. ~Jennica

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Susan: Compassionate, understanding, patient, empathetic, insightful, spiritually evolved...a true example of a present moment source of calmness and serenity. My life with Susan came about well over a decade ago when we were brought together through our shared love of musical theater. Many years passed before our lives intertwined again. Despite the time apart, Susan was the first person I called to help navigate my way. The time I have spent with Susan has been invaluable and I give thanks to nature's perfect timing for its gift of her to me.

~Bonnie Erickson

Director of Performing Arts/Producer

The self-discovery and growth I've gained through working with Susan has changed my life while reminding me to stay true to my own path.  If you are ready to make room for positive changes in your life I strongly recommend working with Susan.  ~Marie


Susan has helped me so much over the past year+, and her wellness session was insightful, intuitive and so helpful. ~Anna


Susan clears away the physical and mental clutter that accumulates from life's stressors so you are re-centered, and can focus on what's really important.  In just a single session, Susan can identify issues you've struggled with for years, and give you the tools to successfully overcome them. ~Courtney

Susan Shehata is a dynamo. With each encounter, I marvel at how deeply she listens and gently guides one to pay attention to exactly what needs paying attention to. Whether it’s your heart that needs tending to or your space, Susan’s work is powerful stuff.

~Beth Deziel

Lasso, LLC | Modern-day wrangler of time and space

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I’ve had truly transformational breathwork sessions with Susan. With Susan's insightful guidance I was able to breakthrough some deep emotional and energetic blocks. I am very grateful to Susan for all the support she has given me in my journey of healing.



I was feeling "off" and had felt that way my entire life. I felt like there was a volcano of emotion that has been stuck at the bottom of my belly that would erupt and I couldn't control the anger…

I never knew or understood what was trapped in there, but I wanted to get it out. I was blaming my feelings on my husband and was seeking a divorce, but you knew after our first conversation that wasn't it. From the breathwork and you, I've gained and healed immensely. Your insight and ability has made me look at situations that occurred to me in life that had a huge effect on how I view life, to see it in a different light and perspective.



Learning how to use the breath has enabled me to access deep seated beliefs and suppressed emotions that I couldn't engage and release on a conscious level. I am so grateful that my body innately knows how to relieve me of my subconscious saboteurs using the breath. Through identifying beliefs and emotions I had not yet acknowledged, even through very productive and beneficial talk therapy, and giving them permission to release, I believe that I am on the verge of deep, whole healing.


Speaking & Workshops


Thanks so much, Susan--your presentation gave me a much better perspective.  I think everyone took something home with them.  Thanks again!

~Diana L. Berg, Director of Continuing Education

Northwestern Health Sciences University

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I couldn’t believe how engaged the crowd was – that’s the most lively they’ve gotten so far!

~Amanda H Knutson, Community Engagement Manager; HealthEast Community Advancement


You're amazing! I'm still getting rave reviews from attendees at the Daisy Camp. Everyone loved you and appreciated the message. Your delivery was outstanding. You have great energy and made the night a lot of fun!

~Jennifer Morris, Daisy Camp


I absolutely loved your presentation! I see a lot of presentations in my work, and yours was the perfect combination of fresh, useful information, inspiration, humor and interaction. Kudos!

~Teresa Thomas; MN Women in Networking

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Thank you so much for today's session. Both of you were so calm, welcoming and exuded warmth and caring. You are both gifted presenters.

~Securian Financial employee


This information is so valuable, useful, and important- thank you for putting together such fantastic content and delivery! We're excited to continue working with you.

~Local government agency

Music & Performance

Susan leads us in a strong, devotional kirtan with a voice that reaches down into the womb of Mother Earth and up into the arms of Father Sky.

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I love the Country and Americana influences – whatever the accent, kirtan is heartfelt folk music, and this CD really highlights that essence.
~Dave Stringer

Internationally Renowned Kirtan Musician 

It was really an honor to experience your At One performance. I was really moved and I hope that you have many more opportunities to share this gift with others. ~Shelley


I find myself still remembering and resonating with the richly nuanced stories you told so brilliantly in your performance last night. I feel touched that you shared so candidly and creatively of your life and journey with us. ~Amy

The only explanation I can come up with for that voice coming out of that tiny body is...God. You're just amazing , Susan.

~Sally Struthers


sally struthers


The initial “Om” on their premier release is astonishingly strong and moving. Followed by the drone of the tampura into a lovely aarti (devotional song), Sitara (Susan) and Kalyani are powerful chanters.
~Yoga Chicago


What an inspiring time for me, taking in your performance. The synchronicity of messages coming to me these days in stillness is a quiet yet explosive joy in and of itself! Through At One, I thank you for showing possibilities and holding a torch for myself and others to see and follow. You and Lindy are doing a powerfully wonderful healing with this work. I look forward to experiencing more! ~R.R.


A happy kirtan band, Sitara & Kalyani with Pavan Kumar use simple melodies we know and love to bring their message to the West.  Using drums & bass or world percussion they have a light rock feel but stay true to the style of kirtan chanting.  Musically and energetically, Sitara & Kalyani deliver a message of unity.


Renowned Musician & Record Label Owner


Susan Shehata has the ability to help you lift the veil and let you see the truth about yourself at the core. No fear. No judgement. Just love. Well worth the journey. I would recommend this retreat to anyone with a yearning in their life.


This retreat opened my eyes to myself, something that we could all use to change patterns in our lives. They made it fun, relevant, and safe to open up and be honest. It was intimate and warm, with two very talented people that share their life and healing in so many ways.  ~A.F.


My retreat experience allowed me to re-examine my core beliefs and in a loving manner shine the light of awareness on areas where I wasn't seeing how some of my old patterns were still at play and not allowing me to grow and thrive in the manner I desire.  I felt empowered by the tools shared with me to lovingly care for myself as I continue to learn and grow!  ~Martha