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As human beings, it is our nature to connect with others.

With that connection, comes communication and, almost inevitably, some level of conflict. 


Conflict is not inherently negative.

What if you could learn to approach conflict as an opportunity to clarify issues and needs and arrive at a solution together?


When conflict arises between friends, families, couples or within a community or professional environment, the source is often that we feel that our needs are not being met or some aspect of our identity is being threatened.


In most situations, we just want to feel seen, heard and acknowledged. This also holds true for inner conflict. A part of ourselves is struggling to be seen, heard and acknowledged---by our own self. Outer conflict is often a result of inner conflicts, so the more we identify and honor our own needs, the better suited we are to co-create solutions to outer conflicts.



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When we Unstick our Story, in the context of relationships, it opens a door to clearer communication and more effective conflict management.


With these skills in our pockets, it leads to less misunderstanding and resentment and more trust, harmony and growth.


Communication and Conflict Resolution sessions are structured with your unique needs in mind. They may be part of a larger process that includes additional modalities, or these sessions are available as a stand alone offering.


As a trauma focused wellness practitioner, a mediator and conflict coach, I bring a unique angle to this work that gives each person an opportunity to share their perspective and allows for organic solutions to arise. 


Whether your communication challenge is between friends, families, couples, colleagues or community members, these sessions are a great fit for people who are in conflict, and want a little support to connect in an emotionally safe and supportive environment. 


For couples, they are a great tool for focused conflict management and communication skill building, without the longer term commitment of therapy.

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Listening sessions and group facilitation is also available.