The Connection Session

An introductory session to connect the dots between your mind, body, spirit & life

Your 90 minute to two hour session includes:

* Pre-session Reflection Questions to identify your current goals and challenges

* Pre-session Response Review that allows me to tune into your unique situation

* Sharing of Philosophy so that we may get on the same page

* Goal and Obstacle Review to begin your interconnection process

* Body Inventory to discuss physical manifestations in your body; such as injuries, illness or discomfort

* Intuitive wisdom about the interconnection of any physical or emotional symptoms, and life experiences; as well as how they all relate to your deeper soul patterns

* Mindfulness practices to take into your day to day life

The Connection Session is intended to be a time for us to connect to begin a process together, as well as an opportunity to begin to connect the dots in your own life. The Connection session can also be a stand-alone session.

I had a session with Susan last week and it was incredibly supportive and illuminating. I highly recommend Susan's healing skills. She is very intuitive and caring. Her insights have been spot on for me. I plan to go back! - Rachel