Core Story Process

The Core Story Process is a three session series, to discover and unwind deeply held resistance patterns, so you can create the life you envision. This process is facilitated through online sessions.


Your Three Sessions include:

* Exploration of Your Story to uncover prevalent themes

* Exploration of the Core Belief Cycle and the interconnection of your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, emotion and behaviors

* Core Belief Exercises to determine what is currently affecting you

* Theme Distillation to explain your personal mind/body/life connections

* Guiding Insights that I have about your story and how to begin the reframing process

* Life Assignments, to take away, which support shifting your core story

Your initial session is two hours, and the two follow-up sessions are 90 minutes. These take place over a one month period. You may also add sessions, to your process, as desired.

All of my life, I have been subconsciously operating under the belief that it's not really worth it. Uncovering this Core Belief and bringing it into the light, where it can no longer hide, or have influence over my life, has been one of the most enlightening and impactful moments in my healing process. I feel free from a very heavy burden. Now, I am able to move forward and create new beliefs that empower the person I want to be. - Aimee