Core Story Session

An exploratory session to uncover and release the primary themes that have occurred in your life that limit your thoughts and experiences

Your Two Hour Session includes:

* Pre-session Reflection Questions to identify your current goals and challenges

* Pre-session Response Review that allows me to tune into your unique situation and customize your session

* Sharing of Your Story to uncover prevalent themes

* Exploration of the Core Belief Cycle and the interconnection of your beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, emotion and behaviors

* Core Belief Exercise to determine what is currently affecting you

* Theme Distillation to explain your personal mind/body/life connections

* Guiding Insights that I have about your story and how to begin the reframing process

* Energy Clearing to assist in integrating your insights

* Life Assignments to take away which support shifting your core story

The Core Story Session is a focused session with the goal of bringing deeply held resistance patterns from your subconscious to your conscious so that you may begin to release them and create the life you envision. This session can be done in person, via phone or skype.

To have a session with Susan is to feel like you are talking to a wise and trusted advisor who can see things in your story that you've somehow missed, and reflect them back to you in a way that feels like you've known the answer all along. It's been within you--you just needed her help in clearing the space for your inner knowledge to come out. By the end of the session, I already felt my balance returning. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your knowledge and gifts. - Madeline