Your employees are struggling.


Tim was late for the sales meeting, again, because he was dealing with three distraught clients and Jasmine is at her wits end about the changes to the production schedule. 


You want to better support your team, but you're not sure the best way to address their growing needs.

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As our world continues to rapidly evolve, we require skills to improve and sustain our mental, emotional and social health. 


Investing in the well-being of your employees is more important now than ever. Not only does employee wellness improve your team's quality of life, but it also impacts your organization's bottom line. A study by Harvard business school found that medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs. 

But not any wellness program will do. It's time to help your employees get to the root causes of the issues that keep them struggling and stuck.

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Our unique, holistic wellness curriculum is designed to be a lighthouse for employees and organizations who are experiencing a number of new challenges including:


  • Fatigue, anxiety, depression, and low productivity
  • Balancing new timelines, schedules and work from home environments
  • Fears around the future and the economy 
  • Concerns around self-care, personal and public health
  • Caring for children, elders or the vulnerable in a new way
Our curriculum, which is co-facilitated by Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman, focuses on Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Communication and Conflict Management. There are over thirty established one-hour workshops and several group coaching programs from which to choose. Or we can customize something for your unique needs.
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Mindfulness + Emotional Intelligence

  • Get Clear on Fear: Identify and navigate your specific fear
  • Calm and Safe: Simple strategies for relaxing your nervous system and building resilience 
  • Unstick your Story: Shift the core beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Fear, Anger and Grief: How to navigate difficult feelings
  • The Benefits of Failure: Reframing our experiences
  • Am I Going to Be Ok? Breathing through the Storm: Adapting to change and navigating vulnerability
  • The Only Constant is Change: Releasing the grasp of normalcy as we move forward
  • What's Triggering You? Exploring the daily impacts of past trauma
  • The Power of the Breath: How your breathing impacts your daily life
  • Be Kind (to yourself): Challenging negative self-talk
  • Generational Trauma: the legacy of struggle
  • The Focus Factor: Attention as our most valuable currency
  • The Emotional Toll of Global Events
  • Regulate: How to better manage your emotional stress
  • Success over Sabotage: Get out of your own way
  • Am I a Fraud? Understanding and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Home + Lifestyle

  • Transforming your Life through your Space: Using your home as a tool for well-being
  • Money: The Inside Story
  • How to Rest Well: Exploring sleep, fatigue and exhaustion
  • Home: Creating comfort and safety in uncertain times
  • Simple Strategies for Stressed Parents
  • What is Working in Your Life? Homing in on solutions
  • Stoking the Fire of Hope: Developing personal practices for alignment
  • Building a Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle: Practical tips and systems
  • How Identity Informs your Health and Wellbeing
  • Moving into Relaxation: How to identify stress and support your adrenals
  • The Basic Biology of Health: Exploring simple ways to understand and support the systems of the body
  • Dopamine: How complaining, addiction and habits deplete our dopamine reserves and what we can do to support our mental well-being

Communication + Healthy Conflict

  • Staying Sane in your Relationships: Connection, boundaries and communication 
  • Finding Harmony in Community: Direct communication, compromise and acceptance
  • Conflict Management: A holistic approach
  • Connect: Navigating loneliness and isolation
  • Surviving and Thriving when Surrounded by Emotional Toxicity
  • Expressing Boundaries: Yes, No, Maybe So
  • Working with Power Dynamics: Using our personal power in a balanced way
  • Compassionate Communication: How to have hard conversations
  • Building Peace in a Conflicted World: small steps for a greater impact
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Unstick your Story

Unstick your Story is a 30 day interactive program that centers around understanding and unwinding the root causes of struggle within our lives. Participants will investigate deeply entrenched, sub-conscious belief patterns that limit their overall well-being. The program consists of four weekly live sessions, plus daily access to Susan Shehata, for questions and accountability, through Mighty Networks, a group platform for engagement.   


Managing Emotion

Managing Emotion is a 30 day interactive program that supports participants in investigating difficult emotions, such as fear, grief, anger and shame and how to navigate life, during times of stress. Participants will gain both practical tools and a better understanding of themselves and others to support their daily lives. The program consists of four weekly live sessions, plus daily access to the coaches, for questions and accountability, through Mighty Networks, a group platform for engagement.   


Healthy Conflict and Communication: a holistic approach

Conflict and Communication: a holistic approach is a 30 day interactive program that guides participants through a deeper process of understanding the root causes of conflict, such as core beliefs, unmet needs, emotional and physiological trauma patterns, cognitive biases and differing communication styles. Participants will practice building skills to help them identify needs, communicate more clearly and effectively and set needed boundaries. The program consists of four weekly live sessions, plus daily access to the coaches, for questions and accountability, through Mighty Networks, a group platform for engagement. 


Optimizing Relationships

Optimizing Relationships is a 30 day interactive program that leads participants through an exploration of the role of interpersonal relationships in their life and well-being---including professional, friendship, family and romantic. Relationships are the cornerstone of connection and socialization. In these four weeks, we will explore how relationships shape our life and how to manage the challenges they present. We will look at where we tend to disconnect in relationships and how to reconnect and ask for what we need. Participants will gain practical knowledge around personal identity, trust building, communication and boundary setting. The program consists of four weekly live sessions, plus daily access to the coaches, for questions and accountability, through Mighty Networks, a group platform for engagement.


The Fabulous Paper Purge

The Fabulous Paper Purge is a 9-day online guided program to support participants in understanding the root cause of their paper clutter and guiding them in a process to declutter and create paper organizational systems. The Purge is designed to take place in the home, so that it can be done outside of work hours, but the skills are transferable to office paper clutter, as well. The program consists of daily self-paced instructions plus access to Susan Shehata, for questions and accountability, through Mighty Networks, a group platform for engagement. 
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Behavioral change happens when we are equipped with knowledge, tools and social support.

  • Help employees take things in stride
  • Create opportunities for growth
  • Address long-term underlying issues
  • Prevent serious health conditions
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Reduce health care costs
  • Relieve stress and burnout
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Boost employee engagement and morale


Our online workshops and group coaching programs draw on our collective 39 years of experience.

Susan Shehata as a trauma educator and facilitator, mediator, conflict coach and space expert. And, Colleen Buckman, as a holistic healer, hospice massage therapist, rebirthing breathwork trainer and educator. Together, we have created and facilitated hundreds of workshops, events and collaborative content, including Raising The Consciousness, a weekly AM radio show for conscious living, which aired for three years, and featured national guests such as Will Steger, Dr. Norm Shealy and Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe.

Susan and Colleen are engaging and dynamic presenters who create an emotionally safe and supportive environment for your team to explore their challenges and expand their wellness tools, so that they can consistently meet the demands of their job, while also feeling good about their daily interactions and experiences.

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Susan Shehata

Susan Shehata is a Wellness Educator and Social Entrepreneur, who specializes in helping people Unstick their Stories, by releasing the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. 

Susan has been a certified wellness professional, facilitating and educating on transformational healing and space work with an emphasis on trauma recovery, for eighteen years. She is also a credentialed mediator (Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice).

Susan's writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Elephant Journal and the Twin Cities Pioneer Press and her column, The Space Guru™, has appeared in the Edge Magazine. Susan was the co-host and co-producer of the weekly radio show, Raising the Consciousness on AM950. She is also the creator of The Fabulous Paper Purge, a free online program that was featured on Fox News and KARE11, and has supported over 1300 participants.

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Colleen Buckman

Colleen Buckman, C.M.T., is a holistic healer, certified rebirthing breathwork trainer and educator. She has trained extensively in the field of mind/body medicine with Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe and Leonard Orr. Colleen has worked at numerous hospitals and educational facilities as an educator, facilitator, hospice worker, and doula including Park Nicollet Hospice, Naropa University and Northwestern School of Chiropractic. She is currently organizing, teaching and leading trainings around the subjects of health and holistic wellness.