Do We Have Crystals in our Brains?

Do we have crystals in our brains? Why does my dog have to position themselves “just so” when they poop?


These are probably questions you have NEVER asked yourself. (Ok, maybe that second one)


Magnetoreception is the sense that allows organisms to perceive things like altitude and location. It’s what helps creatures with navigation and orientation.


Well, back in 1992, researchers isolated crystals of biogenic magnetite from human brains (that means we produce them, essentially).


And just last year, new research emerged that suggests the human brain is capable of (unconsciously) responding to the Earth’s magnetic field.


So, are we walking around with a compass in our head?


Some of us are. They think that we may have carried it over as a vestigial trait—something that was once more necessary, but we evolved out of using.


And what does that mean in relationship to perceiving electric and magnetic fields? Our current conventional belief is that humans are not susceptible to EMFs. They say that we can’t perceive them and that there are no adverse impacts to our health.


Personally, I experience many things that science has yet to completely explain—but I still like to take a healthy skepticism approach to life. Humans present many challenges to isolating the effects of variables, so some things can be difficult to prove. I hope the science continues to reveal what I perceive may be inconvenient information (inconvenient to industry standards), so that we may benefit from the confirmed knowledge.


In the meantime, just know that dogs aim to orient their bodies along the North-South axis when they poop. You’re welcome.


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