Intuitive Wellness Assessments at Echo Bodine’s Center

December 19, 2018 @ 9:23 pm – 10:23 pm
Intuitive Wellness Assessments at Echo Bodine's Center

I will be offering Intuitive Wellness Assessments for only $30.

Intuitive Wellness Assessments

Our well-being is comprised of our spiritual, emotional and physical health. These components affect, and are affected by, our daily thoughts, perceptions and actions, which then form our life experiences. The first message of imbalance in our well-being comes on a subtle level. When we listen to those messages, we can empower our own health. Susan Shehata has the ability to hone in on the hidden obstacles that keep you stuck and hold you back from optimum wellness.

In this Intuitive Wellness Assessment, Susan cuts through the fog by working with your chakra system, asking questions and coaching, to identify major blockages and begin the process of unveiling your deeper challenges, so you can heed your own subtle messages.

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