Music at the Minneapolis Yoga Conference

December 13, 2018 @ 6:12 am – 7:12 am

Sitara & Pavan KumarThe Kriya of Love with Lisa Bergly (and Live Music by Sitara & Pavan Kumar!) at the Minneapolis Yoga Conference

Asana/Lecture, All Levels, Moderate Physical Intensity

Remember who you are. “The Kriya of Love” is a conscious exploration of how we embody our true nature as Love, through movement, chanting, contemplation and connection with the beloved guru within. In “The Kriya of Love,” the action is in remembering that you are whole, you are a perfect YOU, you are a Divine Spirit of Love. In “The Kriya of Love,” we will discuss the idea of conscious, unconditional Love –Prema – and through it, how to access the Divine within; to lift our vibrations and love more fully. Let your sacred cup overflow, quench your spiritual thirst with grace when we come to the eternal well of the love-spring within. Yoga asks us to remember: We are Love embodied.

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