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Whether the word makes you smile or cringe (or both), chances are that you have a complex story surrounding money.

But, what if you could identify and release the parts of that story that keep you stuck?

Imagine finally having a value based road map to your financial future

Envision your clarity and peace of mind knowing that you are consciously tackling your mindset blocks and actively moving towards your financial goals

Sounds pretty swell, doesn't it?

It's ALL possible...

Join Holistic Wellness Educator Susan Shehata and Financial Advisor Molly Root for this exploration of your money story.


In this day long retreat, we will explore how early childhood experiences shape our brains and create our subconscious operating system---Our Core Story---and how that directs every aspect of our lives. We will build upon this foundation by discovering the specific money beliefs that continue to restrict us. We will explore the practical side of money and how to turn your money story into an actionable plan to reach your goals.

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Your Money Story is comprised of a set of beliefs that began forming long before you had any conscious understanding of finances.


This story might include inherited beliefs, circumstances absorbed about your family's economic situation from early childhood, as well as any direct or indirect messages you've received about money, over the years.

Combine all of that with your hand- on experiences and you have a whole soup of beliefs that comprise your money story.

Some of your story is conscious, like when you recognize if you lean towards being a saver or spender.

But most of the story is subconscious and that's the part that has the greatest potential to impact you. That's why it's not enough for to just make a budget, save and invest.

All of those skills are important and relevant. But, until you also dismantle any of the mindset blocks that keep you stuck, you will run into challenges every step of the way---whether it's managing the logistics, your relationship to saving and spending or creating creating income flow.


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This Day Retreat is designed to meet you where you are.


We created this event because we see a gap in the way our culture manages money. Many teachings on money either focus solely on the logistics or lean too far into esoteric philosophy.


This retreat merges two important aspects of money management by tackling both the psychological blocks and the strategic nuts and bolts.

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Saturday, October 12th; 2019


The event will be held at the Rachel Greenhouse Agency; 404 E 48th Street; Minneapolis, Minnesota

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The day retreat includes:

Welcome & Opening Reflections


What's Your Story?

with Susan Shehata

We each have a story. Within this story lives our limiting Core Beliefs.

You are the prime force behind your success and well-being. Therefore, it is imperative that you understand how your SPECIFIC  core beliefs are ruling your life and how they can keep you stuck.

In this workshop, you will begin to hone in on the one subconscious belief that creates your reality.

I will detail how your early childhood experiences create imprints, on your brain and life, that form limiting beliefs.

We will discuss the biological and psychological mechanisms that make these beliefs stick, how these beliefs create your daily reality, and how to unwind these sub-conscious patterns.


Money Values

with Molly Root

Your sub-conscious beliefs effect every aspect of your life, including money. We will take what you have learned in the What's Your Story workshop and begin to connect it to your money story. Your story drives your behavior around how you think, use, spend and save your money.
The intersection of where your core beliefs, values and money come together is where we will begin to start framing or re-framing your money story.


The retreat includes an Organic, Vegetarian, Gluten Free Lunch


Mind Over Money

with Susan Shehata


What is your first memory associated with money?

In this experiential workshop, we will answer this question and more to identify the specific limiting beliefs that are impacting your relationship with money.

Building on our morning workshops, we will identify the parallels of our money story with our core story, so that we can continue to unwind these unconscious blocks and align consciously with our goals and values.

We will explore our money story through writing, conversation and visualization.


Money in Action

with Molly Root


We will turn your money story into an actionable plan to work towards your goals in a conscious and connected way.
We will begin to explore the practical side of your money. We will go through an exercise to identify your needs, wants and wishes. Have open dialogue and answer any questions and pose questions to help dig a little deeper.
We will give you actionable steps that will take you beyond our time together so it can be carried beyond our time together.


Closing Reflections


Workshop Facilitators

Susan Shehata, Holistic Wellness Educator


Susan Shehata is a Wellness Educator and Social Entrepreneur, who specializes in helping people transform their stories, by identifying and releasing the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. She does that through speaking, writing, wellness services, educational programs, business masterminds and events.

From the creative merging of her former eco-friendly shop with a healing center to her scholarship program for healing childhood trauma, Susan is an entrepreneur with a heavy focus on social innovation.

Susan has been a certified wellness professional, facilitating and educating on transformational healing and space work, for eighteen years. She is also a credentialed mediator (Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice).

Susan is a connector who is passionate about supporting other entrepreneurs, community building and inspiring individuals to take action in ways that benefit themselves and humanity.


Molly Root, Financial Advisor


Molly A. Root, FIC RICP is at Financial Advisor in Eden Prairie MN, who delivers sound and practical advice tailored to her clients goals. She is always encouraging her clients to dream big and is committed to finding realistic ways to make those dreams become reality.

Molly is supported by a greater team including investment analysts and support staff. Molly and her team are devoted to making their clients lives more financially sound so they can go out and do more of what they love. They are dedicated to overcoming challenges for their clients on a daily basis.

Molly has been a financial advisor with Thrivent Financial for more than 13 years. She graduated with a BA in Communications and Women’s Studies as well as a minor in Spanish form Wittenberg University in Ohio. Molly has been featured in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine and Business Journal multiple years as “one of the top Advisors in the Twin Cities”.

Molly is a Minnesota native and die hard city girl. Molly can often be found walking all over Minneapolis with her fur baby Polar Bear.


Money is an area of our lives where we absorb a lot of cultural messaging.

So, it's integral to identify and clear your story, so that you can align your values and goals with your daily thoughts and actions.

Susan and Molly are a winning team to help you do just that.

Susan will help you get to the root of your psychological blocks and Molly will help you map out the logistics clearly and effectively. Molly and Susan both love teaching about money. We recognize that it is often a very triggering subject and approach the topic with compassion and humor.

Sign up today for one of the eighteen spots in the Exploring your Money Story Day Retreat and you will:

  • Get to the root of your limiting core beliefs

  • Get clarity about what is important to your financial well being

  • Map out specific steps to take to impact your financial future

  • Gain resources to call on when more is needed or you get stuck

My retreat experience with Susan allowed me to re-examine my core beliefs and in a loving manner shine the light of awareness on areas where I wasn't seeing how some of my old patterns were still at play.

~Dr. Martha DeSante

We look forward to exploring with you!

Molly & Susan