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Day Seven: Fine Tune the System


Goal: To complete any final details that you have not yet finished

Today is a day to complete any final touches to your new system.

Perhaps, you still have labeling to do.

Perhaps, by creating the system yesterday, it revealed other things that need to be dealt with, that factor into this new System and Process.

Take your time to fine tune.

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Going forward, one of the best ways to manage paperwork, is to not allow it to enter your house, in the first place. Consider all the ways paper enters your home and think about the ways you can minimize them. Two of the most common (and easy) things you can do are:


Switch to online billing
Opt out of junk mail 


In today’s age, so much is available digitally that it is possible, more than ever, to go almost completely paperless.

If that seems like an impossible dream, just think about how paperless you can go right now, and continue to take more steps in that direction, when the time feels right!

Enjoy your newly organized space!

Go Paperless!

Read about additional ways that you can minimize your paper flow here and here.



I would love to see your After photo, or a photo of how far you are right now. Come over to the community page and show me your system!


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