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Introductory Thoughts


Why do we keep paper?
  • Information
  • Reference
  • Legal Needs
  • Action Required
  • Knowledge
  • Security
  • Beauty
  • Inspiration
  • Ideas
  • Nostalgia

We keep paper for many tangible reasons, such as the above.

But, it is often the intangible reasons that can be the source of paper challenges. It’s important to understand your emotional relationship to the paper you keep.

What does paper clutter symbolize for you? How does it subconsciously serve and block your life by keeping you overwhelmed or distracted?

By understanding these deeper layers, you will release the struggle of what to keep and what to purge, and begin to create and maintain systems that work for you.




For the sake of clarity, I am defining these terms for our Purge.



The physical system that holds (or will hold) your paperwork; such as file folders, a mail organizer, a file cabinet.



The series of actions taken to accomplish your goal.


The following terms will be relevant for sorting, as well as for creating your physical organizational systems:



This refers to paperwork that requires you to take a specific action (often on a timely basis). Examples: bills, submission forms, a letter to mail



This refers to paperwork that you need to reference in relationship to taking action. Examples: receipts for taxes, a school calendar, papers for a project you are working on



This refers to paperwork that you are saving for logistical or emotional reasons. Examples: Past taxes, business files, old holiday cards or children's schoolwork


Our Approach This Week

When I work with clients, my approach is to meet people where they are at and create plans of action that are customized to their specific needs.

While the Fabulous Paper Purge online program was created to address a wide variety of challenges, please keep in mind that not every detail of this process, or the examples, will apply to your unique challenge.

Please reach out through the facebook group community page to address any specific questions.



If you have not already, come introduce yourself over on the community page!



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