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What to Expect

This seven day process will walk you through some tangible and emotional components of paper challenges.

Tomorrow, you will receive another email to begin preparing you, mentally, for the process.

Then starting Wednesday, you will receive instructions, that walk you through your daily goal.

I will also include any resources, such as reference lists or websites to visit and explore (if you choose).

Here is an overview of the process:

Day One: The Assessment
Day Two: Select & Sort
Day Three: Sort & Purge
Day Four: Purge
Day Five: Establish a System
Day Six: Create the System
Day Seven: Fine Tune the System


You will get the most momentum if you follow the daily process, but if at any point you "miss" a day or have to pause your process, just know that you can pick it up again, where you left off.


Feeling overwhelmed already? Just focus your attention on one day at a time!


Before You Begin

In advance, decide how much time, each day, you are willing to commit to this purge.

I recommend a daily minimum of 20 minutes, if you have moderate paper challenges, and a daily maximum of ninety minutes, even if you have advanced paper challenges.

If these time parameters seem unrealistic, I still recommend that you follow the process to the best of your ability, as you will gain knowledge either way.

You will not need anything prepared, in advance, to begin this process, but be open to purchasing some organizational materials, if need be, during the process.


For additional support and community, you are invited to participate in the private facebook group, where I will also field any specific questions that you may have. If you have not already been added to the community, request it HERE.

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The Ultimate Goal


The ultimate goal of this purge is to eliminate paper clutter and create a system for a challenging area.

Through that process, you will also learn more about your emotional relationship to your paper clutter and therefore be in a better position to make long lasting changes.

Though you will not tackle every area of your home in these seven days, you will learn the tools needed to take on any additional areas that need your attention.


Thank you for coming along on this journey!




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