Inspired Objects: A Bee Box

Inspired Objects: A Bee Box

What it is:

A decorative box


Why I love it:

o The mirrored surface
o The French design
o I LOVE containers

How it inspires me:

The beauty of containers is that they are both functional and attractive. I love using them in areas that may otherwise attract clutter.
This would look great on the back of a toilet, where it would add a touch of glamour and contain some loose toiletries or cosmetics.


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‘Inspired Objects’ is a feature of my page that highlights cool pieces that inspire me; these objects will often be up for sale at my retail space at The Cottage House.

I feel that when we come to appreciate our belongings, we will make conscious choices about what we surround ourself with, leading to more clarity, simplicity, ease and gratitude in our life.

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