Intuition: A No Nonsense Approach to your Sixth Sense—part 2

In part one of this blog series, I discussed some of the ways to perceive intuition:

“This is all to say that there is a ton of “information” that exists in our potential perception fields. And, as an intuitive person, you have the capacity to receive that information, on a level that goes beyond your main senses.”

But, WHERE does this information exist? Where does it come from?

My short answer is nowhere and everywhere. (I think this is the part where some people begin to call you nuts. But, stay with me here.)

Some perceive the information to exist in a vast well of consciousness or knowledge.

Others may perceive it as coming in wave form (like in the case of sound) or particles (like in the case of smell).

We can think of intuition as something that is sourced internally or externally.

Personally, I think that where the information comes from is something that corresponds to your overall world view, so I am not going to go very deep with that, for now.

But, maybe we can agree that information exists beyond our conscious awareness of it, and intuition is our ability to access that info.

A lot of the information that we receive is happening in either “past” or “current” time. Say you have a phone call coming in. A person is in the process of calling you—that is “information” that is happening in current time.

And the ways you can determine who is calling you, before you answer, are: you can SEE who is calling, by looking at your phone, HEAR who is calling, by identifying the ring tone, or SENSE who is calling, by intuition.

So, really, it is just another way to access information that already exists.




But, sometimes, we intuit future happenings, as well.

I believe that is because many of the factors leading to a future outcome have already happened, or are currently happening, so there is already a lot of information in the perception field. (Or, we can talk about the perspective that intuition is not bound by time.)

Here’s another approach: If I am sitting across from you and you make a sound, I can see that YOU are the source of the sound.

But, there are other sounds that are coming from a far more distant place and I still hear them, even though I cannot see the source.

I could believe, if I chose to, that a sound doesn’t exist, because I don’t see where it’s coming from.

I think of it a little like object permanence, which is the understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed.

We develop that skill as a young child. (Unless, of course, you want to take the quantum approach that questions if things continue to exist when they are not observed. So many rabbit holes…)

So, when you are sitting across from me, and I perceive something about you, intuitively, it may be because you are right in my immediate field of awareness, and that information is floating around you, in either your unconscious or subconscious, or in that divine well of knowledge (again, that part depends on your worldview).

But, when you leave, you continue to exist.

So, you will continue to transmit information, and I, or any other intuitive person, may continue to receive it. Intuitive receptors are not dependent on proximity. (I know that can sound kooky, but think about the distance that a radio or an internet tower can submit).

What kinds of information do we receive through intuition?

This is as good of a time, as any, to differentiate between the words intuitive and psychic. I like to think of intuition as the kind of information that more readily presents itself to you, whether you are looking for it, or not. Though, it can be called upon, as well.

While, I think of a psychic as someone who can seek out more specific information, that is also not accessible via the primary senses.

Other people will make other distinctions. I make other distinctions, as well, such as that intuition is usually something personal to you, or to a person or situation, in your more immediate experience. While, psychics have access to broader and deeper information, or information that is further away, so to speak.

Psychics can ask specific questions and access answers.

This might be like my example of the dolphin vs. human frequency range. Similar to a higher frequency sound wave, it’s like psychics are hearing a larger batch of information. This is a very simplified way of differentiating these two terms, but hopefully, you get the idea.

Why do we have intuition and how can it serve you?

Why do we have any of our senses, really?

We could say that each of our senses helps us relate to the world around us. So, just like any of the other senses, our intuition can help us have a sense of place.

When I walk into a situation, I immediately take in the sights and sounds to get my bearings.




But, in my case, I also take in as much “subtle information” as possible. Some of this comes strictly from using the main senses to detect small cues (body language or tone). But, often, I perceive additional information, that goes beyond the primary senses.

This helps me orient myself to the situation, which can not only better prepare me for a conversation, but can also help me avoid potentially threatening situations.

Personally, I am a big worrier, so when my worrying is on overdrive, I get quiet, tune in, and then redirect my attention to where it is most needed and helpful.

There are lots of different ways intuition can serve you. There are many stories of people who went to the doctor for tests, based on intuition, and survived potentially fatal diseases, thanks to early intervention. So, you know…it’s helpful.

In the final installment of this blog series, I will detail what determines our receptivity to intuition and the first step to strengthening your intuitive muscles.

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