Intuition: A No Nonsense Approach to your Sixth Sense—part 3

In part one and part two of this series, I discuss some of the ways to perceive intuition, and where intuitive information comes from. And now for some ways to strengthen your intuition:

What makes some people more able to receive intuitive information than others?

In a nutshell, it is dependent on your receptivity—figuratively and literally.

I believe everyone receives intuitive information, all the time, but most people have shut down their receptors, so we don’t recognize it, or we dismiss it, when it comes.

Many are taught that intuition isn’t a real thing. So, we begin, very early on, to turn off the volume.

If we were told, as a child that smells were imaginary, think about the impact it would have on our ability to smell things.

We would begin to ignore and dismiss the smells, until, eventually, we stop physiologically smelling them at all, because we have shut down that neural pathway to the brain.

So, to hear your intuition, it is important to first acknowledge that it exists. Because, I believe we are all capable of using our intuition, and receiving information at that level.

And then, literally speaking, it is helpful to be in a mentally receptive state.

While we have many different states of being, in our body, let’s think of this in terms of either an open, expansive state, or a closed, contracted state.

When I am stressed and in a hurry (closed and contracted), I am way less likely to notice what song is playing on the speaker at the gas station, or smell the roses, as I quickly walk by them.

In other words, my sense of smell and hearing are compromised. But, when I am feeling calm and relaxed (open and receptive), I am more likely to notice those details.

Similarly, when people are in a more open, expansive state, they are more able to receive information intuitively.





Yes, it is something that you may have to redevelop, because at this point, you may have shut it down…so you must strengthen the muscle.

Think about how a chef begins to discern the subtle differences of certain spices or ingredients. He may have been eating food his whole life, but cultivating discernment, at this level, is a whole new thing. It is an ongoing process, with some unwelcome interferences from the ego.

And the way to strengthen it, is to practice. Consciously spend time in receptive states.

One of the popular ways you can do this is through quiet meditation. But, something that I feel is equally effective is to do an activity that you love, and then quietly reflect for a moment during, or afterwards.

The reason this works so well is that when we are engaged in activities that we love, we are more open and receptive, than usual, so it creates a great environment for the information to be received.

Once you begin to more consciously notice your intuition, you will then move into a process of learning to trust the information that comes. This could take days or years, depending on your personality.

And, as I said, there are other factors that come in, such as learning to discern when you are hearing your ego, rather than your intuition.

Start to exercise your intuition with small daily practices, where you call upon your intuition about something that will be verifiable. That will help you trust yourself, and begin to reveal your biases.

Ultimately, I feel passionate about sharing this information with you, now, because I think we are at a time on the planet when your intuition will not only be convenient, but will be a key to your safety and well-being.

Chances are, even if you don’t think of yourself as intuitive, you already use your intuition, every day.

And once you begin to trust it in small doses, it begins to expand. At least that was my experience.

But, don’t take it from me. Create your own data.

Only then, will you decide if it is a skill that serves you.

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Susan Shehata

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