Overcoming Resistance E-book

What is the biggest reason that you avoid your household projects?

In this focused guide, conscious space expert, Susan Shehata, known for her work with space reflecting life, invites you to overcome your personal challenges by addressing some of the biggest blocks to keeping your space clear and tidy.

You will address the five main obstacles that keep you stuck through tips and worksheets that create clarity and accountability.

The guide includes:

  • 40+ Tips that you can begin implementing immediately
  • A Time Tracking Worksheet that will set you up for success
  • An Avoided Tasks Worksheet to hone in on your most challenging areas
  • A Goal Setting Worksheet that will explore what is most important to you and keep you committed to getting things done


I thought this was just a moment of brilliance, when you looked at my house and you said, “Look at all this space that you have and you’re not giving yourself any of it. You’re not designing a space for yourself that honors who you are and what you want to do in the world.

~Joan Steffend

Author, Speaker, TV Host

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