An Exercise to Reclaim your Spirit

Have you ever felt like you lost a part of yourself?

When we begin a wellness discovery process, we often identify a specific time period in our lives where we disconnected from a part of our identity. This point may have been triggered by a traumatic event, such as an accident, death of a loved one, or breach of a personal boundary. We distanced our self from our spirit, and that distance has taken its toll on our current well-being.

When the time is right for you, it can be very healing to undertake a process for reclaiming that part of your spirit. This deep work is best done under the care of a professional, trained to lead you through that process.

But, on a more subtle level, that feeling of disconnection, can also occur due to benign transition, such as a change in relationship status, the birth of a child, or a career change.

For these more benign times, you can create a personal process for reclaiming that part of your spirit.

One of the ways I suggest doing that, is by creating a physical representation, in your space, of that time in your life.

This may be as simple as framing a photo of you from that time period, or could be as involved as creating a vignette, or what some call an altar. You can then choose to either work with that physical representation passively, by allowing it to just be present in the space, or work with it actively, by adding in a meditation or another conscious thought process.

Our memories are stored in smell, sounds and images. Therefore, it can be very powerful to work with our subconscious by choosing items that evoke our different senses. So, be creative, open-minded and thoughtful as you approach this exercise.

DISCLAIMER: Having items in your space that represent a traumatic time period can be deeply triggering. This process is ONLY for working with benign time periods, that are not highly emotionally charged.

Reclaim Your Spirit Exercise

  • Take a moment, or more, to reflect on a transitional time period in your life. What do you feel you may have lost, during that time? Was it a loss of passion, of independence, of style, of free time? Identify it as specifically as possible.
  • Be mindful of your thoughts around the time period and do what you can, in this moment, to release any judgment you have of yourself, or others, associated with the memory. Focus on bringing in a feeling of love to the images that emerge.
  • Commit to bringing healing and integration to that time period of your life, as well as your current life.
  • Select a few objects that you associate from that time period or that you associate with the lost aspects of self. For example, you may choose a photo of yourself from that time, a token of memorabilia or a photo of something you feel you have lost (a sense of style or passion, etc.)
  • Consciously place them in a spot that you will either pass by regularly or that you will commit to sitting with for a few minutes each day.
  • When you pass or sit with your chosen objects, consciously welcome back the aspect of self that you are seeking to regain. Welcoming it back with positive, present moment language is most effective. Throwing in some gratitude is great too! “I am grateful for my returning sense of style and passion for life!” “I welcome back my free time and independence.”
  • Monitor any back talk that you hear from within (such as “yeah, right” or “that’ll never happen”, when you say these welcoming statements. Gently release the limiting thoughts and focus again on the welcoming statements.
  • Rinse and repeat.

Looking for a deeper process? Let’s connect about a wellness or space consultation to help you reclaim your spirit.

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Susan Shehata

Susan Shehata, also known as The Space Guru™, is a Mentor, Guide and Performing Artist, who specializes in helping people release hidden obstacles. She does that through Space Consultations, Holistic Wellness Services and through Music & Theatre. Though her offerings are varied, the goal of her work is the same: to clear the deep patterns of resistance in people's lives. Susan has been a professional performer for twenty years and a certified wellness professional, focusing on transformational healing and space work, for fifteen years. Her life’s mission is to use her voice as a performer, speaker, writer, healer and mentor to assist in global evolution.

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