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Lee Ann Schneider was a woman in service to her community.

After many years of suffering through the psychological and physical effects of childhood trauma, she passed on, in July of 2016.

These scholarships are in honor of Lee Ann, so that she can continue her gift of giving, and more people can release their suffering.

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What is the scholarship?

These scholarships are applied to the Breathwork Process with Susan Shehata. The Breathwork Process is a six month intensive healing process, that is designed to identify and unwind limiting patterns, through core belief coaching and conscious breathing. More details on the process can be found here.

How much is each scholarship? Does the scholarship cover the full Breathwork Process?

The current scholarship is for $900. The Breathwork Process is priced at $1800 (A Connection Session + The Ten Breathwork Sessions), leaving a $900 commitment for the recipient.

Who can apply?

The Lee Ann Schneider Memorial Scholarships are awarded to people who are dedicated to unwinding the limiting patterns in their life, that were formed, specifically, as a result of childhood trauma. In honor of Lee Ann's commitment to service, consideration will be given to people who are also serving the greater community, in some form, but it is not a requirement.

Trauma comes in many forms---abuse, loss, abandonment. If you feel like you experienced trauma as a child, and are interested in pursuing a deep healing process, I invite you to apply for a scholarship. While financial need is a consideration for these scholarships, the primary factors will be your desire and readiness to shift your life.


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