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What if you felt a sense of peace--no matter what was happening in your external world?

You have a story.

It began before you were born---passed to you from previous generations.

Your story permeates all aspects of your life, including your health, relationships and career. 

This story is composed of the subconscious Core Beliefs that you hold about yourself, other people and the world at large.

These beliefs were conditioned in early childhood and became your subconscious operating system for the rest of your life.


Your Core Beliefs are primarily centered around worth, loveability, belonging, safety, competency, power and freedom.


I call these the Core Story Patterns℠.

When you experience mental or physical health challenges, trauma related behaviors, relational conflict or career limitations, your Core Story Patterns are the root cause.


The good news is that once you make these subconscious patterns conscious, you can actively shape your life. 


Whether you come here solo, or as part of a couple, family, organization or community, my work aims to help you recognize and navigate your Core Story Patterns to reduce internal and external conflict and bring more ease into your daily life.


So, how does this work?


Storywork Sessions use my Core Story Pattern framework, as well as multiple mindfulness strategies to help you:


  • Identify specific limiting beliefs

  • Connect the dots between thoughts and experiences

  • Identify triggers

  • Target underlying conflict

  • Address and integrate unresolved trauma

  • Resolve longstanding, repetitive issues

  • Reframe past and present experiences

  • Support relationships

  • Establish boundaries

  • Better communicate needs


In other words, Storywork helps you easily identify and navigate the story that keeps you stuck.


Storywork sessions are traditionally done in a series, over an established period of time. This commitment is what supports a genuine release and long lasting transformation.


Your unique and individualized Storywork Process is often supported with additional modalities, such as Breathwork, Trauma work, Spacework and Communication sessions.

"I was at a professional crossroads in my life--which spilled too easily into my personal life, causing struggles with my confidence and motivation. Susan listened to my life story and was able to hone in on what challenges in my life needed my sincere attention." - Jennica

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My Unique Perspective

* I see things about your life that you may not see; literally and figuratively; having an outside perspective from someone who is analytical and intuitive will provide you with valuable insight.

* I have a gentle, but no-nonsense, direct way of communicating.

* I have eighteen years of intense one-on-one experience with clients negotiating:

* Relationship Issues   * Career & Life Path Indecision

* Self-Worth   * Communication & Boundaries

* Depression  * Anxiety

* Fibromyalgia  * Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

* Brain Tumors  * Cancer

* Rape  * Sexual Abuse  * Eating Disorders

* Drug Use  * Addiction

* I have a lifetime of deep spiritual work that includes transforming my own story to create a healthy, joyful life.

* I am truly holistic in my approach to your wellness, integrating a diverse assortment of training and modalities to connect the different aspects of your life.


Commit to yourself

Wake up in the morning feeling energized and inspired.

Have the clarity of purpose that leads to meaningful decisions and commitments about your career, relationship and life goals.

Feel motivated and passionate about what you are doing with your life.

Feel confident speaking your truth and holding your ground without fear of the results.

Have the mental and emotional tools to negotiate any challenges that do arise.

Ready to Unstick your Story?

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"I felt like there was a volcano of emotion that has been stuck at the bottom of my belly that would erupt, and I couldn't control the anger. How you can tune in to other people's energy is a big gift and helped me understand the situation or experiences in a way that has helped me beyond words." - Sarah