Come Along on an Adventure...

Imagine having the wisdom to change your life for the better.

The wisdom to…

* Achieve your Goals

* Heal Illness & Injury

* Find Peace in Relationships

* Feel Safe and Comfortable

* Alleviate Fears

* And Create Beauty in your Day to Day Life

I believe that your home and body can be used as tools to access this wisdom and to create and maintain greater wellness in your life.

From a young age, I knew, inherently, that the home and body was the path to wellness and I had the desire to share that knowledge, but first I had to go on a little adventure of my own…

The American Dream

My story began before I did, with an analytical, but intuitive, scientist father, driven by ambition, who was willing to risk it all to make a better life, by immigrating to America.

And a feisty, strong mother with a heart of gold, so loyal and dedicated to joining her new husband, that she was willing to leave everything, and everyone, familiar behind.

And so they embarked on their adventure to America with a few words of English, no belongings, strong minds and stronger hearts.

It is that same analytical but intuitive nature, drive, loyalty and courage (and a good helping of feisty stubbornness) that formed a thread that weaves through my entire life. I bring those qualities to our work together.

The Call to Adventure

old headshot_275

My life has unfolded a little like Joseph Campbell’s mythical hero’s journey. My first Call to Adventure came when I was 19 and chose to follow my heart with a career in theatre, despite strong disapproval from my parents.

Risking my own separation from those closest to me, I made the leap.

Flash forward ten years, lots of sketch comedy and improv, and other theatrical accomplishments, wounds and adventures later, I sought an additional career path to further support me.  In a series of moments set in motion by various theatre friends, I embarked (reluctantly) on a deep spiritual path in the process.

I used to joke that the way I knew how perfect something was for me, was the level of resistance I had to it.

“Feng Shui would be a perfect career for you!” my friend said.

“It sounds weird. I don’t want to,” I replied.

“Have you ever received energy work?” another friend asked.

“It sounds weird. I don’t want to,” I replied.

“Here, read some Richard Bach,” says another friend.

“Alright, fine…I get it!! I’m on a path here…”

So, like the hero, Thresholds were crossed and Trials were encountered.
And in the years that followed:

* I became a Feng Shui practitioner

* got a divorce

* stopped doing theatre

* received my Reiki training

* shaved my head bald and studied at an ashram in India

* became a Breathworker

* met my beloved & became a step-mom

* opened a wellness center and storefront

* shaved my head again (because why not?) and went back to India

* became a Kirtan musician

* produced and hosted a radio show on consciousness

* closed the storefront after five years

* started doing theatre again

* recorded an album

* started touring with my band

* did a one-woman show

* and grew my business

Throughout that, there were additional trainings and additional trials and tribulations (heavy on the trials and tribulations, which were the best training of all.)


The Magic Elixir

I have been in the Belly of the Whale, and it’s not fun. But, guess what? I’m back…and I’ve brought back the Magic Elixir to help you! (Are you still following me on this Hero’s Journey thing?).

So, here’s the deal…

I had an addiction to suffering and like any other addiction, mine was part of a bigger story; A story which I no longer wanted to tell.

Though I led a productive and fairly successful life, the suffering existed in my mind: in my inability to feel joy, comfort or even safety in my day to day life, which then manifested into my experiences.

There is a lot of suffering on this planet. And for a long time, I felt like I had to suffer too, as a way to connect and empathize with my fellow humans. Every time I saw real progress in my life, I got scared and got in my own way.

My self- sabotage, like many people’s, was based on Fear and Doubt. What happens if I fail? What happens if I succeed? How can I enjoy my life when others are suffering? How can I trust anyone else when I don’t trust myself?

These, among many others, were the patterns of thought that formed my story.

In the last decade, that story was discovered, distilled and transformed. 

I woke up to the possibility that I could experience the world differently. It would have been easier to point to various experiences and feel victim to my circumstances (and believe me, I tried that.)

But, as much as I felt like a victim, I was also victimizing myself with oppressive thoughts, strong expectations and major judgments. I had to free myself from both streams of thought, in order to find peace.

I realized that the best way I could ease my own suffering, and that of the planet’s, was to take responsibility for my own thoughts, actions and well-being, and through that I could lead and inspire others to wellness as well.


I've had truly transformational breathwork sessions with Susan. With Susan's insightful guidance I was able to breakthrough some deep emotional and energetic blocks. I am very grateful to Susan for all the support she has given me in my journey of healing. - A.F.

The Commitment


In my most painful moments, I was told by my mentors that my own lessons were the lessons I had come here to teach others (remind me to pick a more gentle training ground next time, ok?). But, I was a good student. And I’m an even better teacher.

So, now I come to you with strength, confidence and clarity; the clarity to know that YOU have things to learn and things to teach. I will help you uncover and expand those things by using your home and body as tools.

I come here with the clarity to teach you to release your own suffering (whether it be illness, stress, clutter or any of that subtle stuff that keeps you stuck); it is then that you can best relate to, empathize with and serve the people around you, and become your best self.


Susan Shehata has the ability to help you lift the veil and let you see the truth about yourself at the core. No fear. No judgment. Just love. Well worth the journey. - Liz

I come here with the clarity to teach you that when you are willing to transcend your past, dismantle limiting beliefs and commit to a healthier story, you get healthier-in spirit, mind and body.


Susan clears away the physical and mental clutter that accumulates from life's stress so you are re-centered, and can focus on what's really important. In just a single session, Susan can identify issues you've struggled with for years, and give you the tools to successfully overcome them. - Courtney


I come here with the clarity to teach you to use your home and body, not only as a catalyst to healing, but as a barometer of your well-being, so that you can maintain future wellness.

I believe that true wellness happens when we continually commit to ourselves and our path. I have a strong commitment to myself and what I am here to do. When you are ready, and in your very own, unique way, I can help you do the same.

So…what’s YOUR story?