Are you frustrated by day-to-day challenges?

Perhaps most things in your life are working well, but there are a few key pieces that keep nagging at you.

Or maybe it's moved from frustration into full-on chaos.

Every day, you navigate many aspects of life, such as partnership, family, friends, career, home, finances and health.

But underneath all of this, at the center of everything, is your Story.

Your Story is comprised of the subconscious core beliefs that you carry about yourself, other people and the world at large.

These core beliefs are primarily focused around Worth, Loveability, Belonging, Safety, Competency, Power and Freedom.

I call these the Core Story Patterns™.
Sometimes your story supports you and sometimes it creates limitations.

Your Core Story Patterns are the Subconscious Operating System that runs every aspect of your life

Trickling outwards, into daily life, they determine how our day-to-day flows. The problem is that many of our daily choices, like the Core Story Patterns that created them, are unconscious, automatic, and outdated.

And THAT'S what is actually creating frustration on a daily basis.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

I'm Susan Shehata.


My work aims to create healthier, holistic solutions for individuals, communities and organizations to reduce conflict and bring more ease into daily life.

In other words, I help you Unstick your Story.


Whether it's something internal or external that needs tweaking, I help you resolve your challenges though mindful action.

At the heart of it, I'm a Problem Solver with an ability to bridge the gap, whether between concepts or people.

Think Oprah meets C-3PO.


My work goes into the deepest places in your soul, mind and body, exploring patterns formed in early childhood, that manifest in your daily life. These are not surface changes we are making.

We get to the root of your Story by identifying the subconscious Core Beliefs that keep you stuck.

Together, we will create overall solutions that will make your life, business or organization run more intentionally, efficiently, and effectively.


Neuroscience teaches that transformation must be embodied to stick.

That is why, in addition to a cognitive approach, I use a variety of experiential processes, like working with your breath, physical environment and relationships, to create deep changes in your brain and body---all with the goal of solving your biggest challenges. Who doesn't need that?


Let’s get started….