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Welcome to Dismantle Racism: take the pledge

We invite you to participate in a three-part process that includes education, communication, and activation toward the shared goal of dismantling racism within ourselves and our communities.


This pledge is designed to give you a simple, but potent, framework to support your commitment and move you toward conscious, informed action. 


You choose the level of participation, based on your selected goals.


Take your pledge solo or join our Facebook community below.

The Framework
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We've been indoctrinated into a racist system. There is much to learn and unlearn.

Choose three educational resources: read, watch, listen, take a workshop, consult with a professional.

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Communicating our thoughts is a powerful tool. Sharing deepens our own understanding, spreads knowledge and helps shift the collective consciousness.


Have three in-person conversations or post three times on social media about something you've learned and why it impacted you. Invite others to check out a specific resource. Encourage action.

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In order to see true change, we must shift things on a systemic level. That requires action.

Choose three specific actions you will take within your workplace or community.


Once you've completed your pledge: Repeat. Repeat. Repeat


There are many levels that you can participate in the pledge: beginner, intermediate, advanced.


For example, beginner actions might be to sign a petition, donate to an organization and support a Black-owned business.


While advanced actions might include introducing a program into your workplace, leading a community group or running for public office.


You choose your own actions, based on your level of commitment.

True change requires commitment.


In order to shift humanity, we must actively and consistently take conscious action within ourselves and in our communities.


In our daily lives, we often lose sight of these actions. The goal of this pledge is to give you a structure that can help promote informed action. When we repeat a behavior, it creates and reinforces a neural pathway and our actions become more automatic.


By taking this pledge and repeatedly practicing this three-part process, at whatever level you choose, you will reinforce a neural pathway that supports contributing to conscious change within yourself, and your community, for years to come.

Join us on Facebook

A Facebook community has been created for inspiration, support and accountability for participants of the pledge.


The pledge and this community is a response to our current conversation on race and the increasing collective interest in dismantling racism. While this pledge and the supporting space were developed with white participants in mind, all are welcome to participate.


The Facebook community is facilitated by Susan Shehata. Susan is joined by a team of panelists who will contribute content and partake in conversations: Shea Halstead, Nel Duo and Kaya White.


The goal of the pledge and this community is that the structure, the facilitation and the panelists create a bridge to foster informed action.


You are invited to do your pledge solo or join the Facebook community, at any time.


Beginning on July 10th, we will begin a 30 day timeframe to hold space and create momentum for our collective progress. The 30 days will be divided into ten days of each phase of the pledge: Educate, Communicate and Activate.

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Meet the Team

Susan Shehata


Susan Shehata is a Wellness Educator and Social Entrepreneur, who specializes in helping people transform their stories, by addressing the limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. She does that through speaking, writing, wellness services, educational programs, business masterminds and events.

From the creative merging of her former eco-friendly shop with a healing center to her scholarship program for healing childhood trauma, Susan is an entrepreneur with a heavy focus on social innovation. Susan has been a certified wellness professional, facilitating and educating on transformational healing for eighteen years. She has an emphasis on trauma recovery, including historical and generational trauma, such as racism. Susan is also a credentialed mediator (Qualified Neutral under Rule 114 of the Minnesota General Rules of Practice), and a trained Conflict Coach through the Conflict Resolution Center (Minneapolis).

As a first generation, Minnesotan-born daughter of Middle Eastern parents, Susan is dedicated to bridging communities. She is a connector who is passionate about inspiring individuals to take action in ways that benefit themselves and humanity.

Shea Halstead


My name is Shea Halstead and I live in Minneapolis, MN. I was born in New York and grew up in the Caribbean, a daughter of West Indian parents.

I am a serial entrepreneur and have owned and operated Pennie Overalls’ Cleaning Service for 21 years. In addition, I own UnderDog Safety & Fitness and I am currently studying for my life insurance exam to provide financial literacy to individuals, families and small business owners.

All of my business endeavors are based on my core value of service to others. THIS is my love language to the world. I have learned over the years to embrace this ideology and once I did, I never looked back.

When I’m not working, I’m singing, gardening, baking or hanging out with my pups Glover & Fishburne.

I consider myself a social justice warrior queen in training. My goal is to leave my family, my community and this world in a better state than it was when I came to it. It’s the Girl Scout motto and besides, I’m sure the Big Guy Upstairs has a patch for that!

Neleseh Duo


My name is Neleseh Duo. I'm a Liberian-American that has lived in Minnesota since I was four years old. I believe in the power of the human spirit.

Real-Talk: we've all been blessed with amazing gifts and talents of some kind. Not only to endure but to also rise above and beyond all self- imposed limitations, circumstances, and/or temporary defeats. I've been blessed with the gift of assisting others in finding their own voice and most of all, their definite major purpose within this timeline. I'm honored for the opportunity of being a part of this panel and look forward to connecting the needed dots.

Kaya White


I am honored to be a part of a movement that has a beautiful and incredibly important initiative. I am an Intuitive, Teacher, Energy worker and Healer for over 8 years.

My intent is to assist fellow pledgers during this healing journey with bringing forward experiences as both a woman of color and a Lightworker. I will offer guidance by shedding Light and removing blocks that stand in one’s way from reaching their evolved selves.

As a Caribbean-American and Minnesota native, and in light of recent events, it is deeply motivating to be a part of the change we all truly wish to see in humanity and the world.

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