The Breathwork Process

Breathwork Sessions have cumulative effects and are most potent when done in a series of ten or more consecutive sessions.

Your commitment to the Breathwork Process allows us to more deeply explore your core story, as well as the philosophies of rebirthing/breathwork that shed light on that story.

The process creates consistency and accountability, leading to profound shifts in your life experience.

Your Breathwork Process Includes:

Ten unique, two-three hour, sessions that include all the components of the individual sessions plus:

* Unwind ancestral, parental and familial affects and patterns

* Release the imprint--the emotional & body memory-of specific physical or spiritual traumas

* Eliminate disruptive breath habits, such as shallow breathing and breath holding; understand how these habits relate to underlying patterns

* Address any fear, shame, guilt, unworthiness, control, blame and suffering

* Address and enhance security, creativity, connection, self- expression, intuition and free-will

* Receive personalized mantras to re-frame limiting core beliefs

* Create boundaries to protect from emotional energy pollution--the feelings and emotions that we pick up from others

* Learn techniques for your daily practice that incorporate the use of the elements (earth, air, water, fire) as a means to purify the mind, body and spirit

* Ongoing email support throughout the entire process

*The Ten Session package price is a $100 savings. After completion of the Ten Sessions, participants continue to receive the reduced rate for future sessions, if received on a bi-monthly basis.

I was blaming my feelings on my husband and was seeking a divorce, but you knew after our first conversation that wasn't it. From the breathwork and you, I've gained and healed immensely. Your insight and ability has made me look at situations that occurred to me in life that had a huge effect on how I view life, to see it in a different light and perspective. ~Sarah