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What if you felt a sense of internal peace--no matter what happened in your external world?


You have a story.

It began before you were born---passed to you from previous generations.

Your story permeates all aspects of your life, including your health, relationships and career. 

This story is composed of the subconscious Core Beliefs that you hold about yourself, other people and the world at large.

These beliefs were conditioned in early childhood and became your subconscious operating system for the rest of your life.


Your Core Beliefs are primarily centered around worth, loveability, belonging, safety, competency, power and freedom.


I call these the Core Story Patterns℠.

When you experience mental or physical health challenges, trauma related behaviors, relational conflict or career limitations, your Core Story Patterns are often the root cause.


The good news is that once you make these subconscious patterns conscious, you can actively bring more ease into your daily life and finally uproot long held patterns of pain and struggle.


Sounds nice, doesn't it? So, what's next?


The Unstick your Story Immersion

The Unstick your Story Immersion is a brand new way to work with me, that combines a one-on one individual session with a small group educational setting to provide you an economical and efficient way to dive into this work.


The Unstick your Story Immersion uses my Core Story Pattern framework, the neurobiology of trauma, as well as multiple mindfulness strategies to help you:


  • Identify specific limiting beliefs

  • Connect the dots between thoughts and experiences

  • Identify triggers

  • Target underlying conflict

  • Understand, address and integrate unresolved trauma

  • Resolve longstanding, repetitive issues

  • Reframe past and present experiences

  • Support relationships

  • Establish boundaries

  • Better communicate needs


In other words, the Unstick your Story Immersion helps you easily identify and navigate the story that keeps you stuck.



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What does the immersion include?


A one-on-one 90 minute Storywork session:

With Susan's personal guidance and support, you will have the opportunity to connect the dots between your core beliefs and the events in your life that led to them. Or we will target a particular experience for a better understanding of its hold on you. This session takes place over Zoom and is recommended for week three of the immersion, but can be scheduled at any point in the immersion process, at a time that is convenient to you.


Four LIVE 90 minute workshops:

These classes, held live on Zoom, are designed to cover key concepts that help you Unstick your Story such as:

  • How core stories form, such as through our lineage, childhood conditioning, trauma and core life experiences
  • The neurobiology of traumatic memory and why these stories stick
  • The Core Story Patterns and exactly which patterns keep you stuck
  • How to identify and navigate triggers
  • The Five Tools for working with your core beliefs
  • Supportive strategies for daily living


Five weeks of access to Susan through the private online group platform:

The group platform serves as an additional opportunity to ask questions, share insights and connect with Susan or other immersion participants, privately or in a group setting. This forum, held on Mighty Networks, helps provide continuity and accountability between live sessions.


A small community of others navigating the same process for support:

The immersion has a maximum of just EIGHT participants. That makes for plenty of personal support, while still being in community with others, should you choose to lean into it.

"I was at a professional crossroads in my life--which spilled too easily into my personal life, causing struggles with my confidence and motivation. Susan listened to my life story and was able to hone in on what challenges in my life needed my sincere attention." - Jennica

Immersion Dates

Why work with me to Unstick your Story?


If we haven't officially met, I'm Susan Shehata, and I would be honored to work with you in this immersion. I know that this level of work requires trust and connection and I look forward to building that together in the upcoming five weeks. Here's a little about me to help get the ball rolling:


I have twenty years of intense one-on-one experience with clients negotiating:

* Relationship Issues   * Career & Life Path Indecision  * Self-Worth

* Communication & Boundaries

* Depression  * Anxiety  * Chronic Pain and Chronic Health conditions

* Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse  * Unresolved Trauma of all sorts


I've been an educator in the Holistic Wellness space for over twenty years,

including the last four years presenting corporate wellness workshops and have co-developed a current wellness curriculum of over 30 workshops. Clients include: Northwestern Health Sciences University, Woodwinds Hospital, HealthEast, Park Nicollet, Securian Financial, General Mills, Macalester College


I am a credentialed mediator and conflict coach with a focus on helping support couples and families, which means that I understand the intricacies of relationship and family dynamics that often contribute to relational struggles.


My focus has been trauma focused somatic work, using conscious connected breathing (breathwork) for 19 years, which gives me experiential knowledge of how these stories live in the body. I am on the leadership team of Rebirthing Breathwork International and also serve as a lead breathwork trainer to certify other professionals in the field.


I'm certified in classical Feng Shui, with a BFA in theatrical design (and performance) and have worked with clients to align their homes with their lives for over twenty years, including through my popular program, The Fabulous Paper Purge.

I have taken specialized coursework in Neurobiology and the Neurobiology of Trauma to better understand the science behind what I was witnessing in session work. And I'm a lifetime learner, so the coursework continues.


All to say that I am truly holistic in my approach to your wellness, integrating a diverse assortment of training and modalities to connect the different aspects of your stories and your life.



*I have training and competency in identity based matters and trauma, as related to various marginalized and historically oppressed identities.

*I see things about your life that you may not see; literally and figuratively. Having an outside perspective from someone who is analytical and intuitive will provide you with valuable insight.

* I am consistently committed to my own deep spiritual and emotional work, that includes continuing to transform my own story, recognizing that we are always evolving further.

*I have a beloved Bengal mix kitty, an energetic Corgi, and a husband and young adult daughter who wouldn't mind that I listed the creatures before them. I take my work very seriously, but I don't take myself too seriously, so we'll engage in this process with a light heart, a little humor and a lot of self-compassion.


"I felt like there was a volcano of emotion that has been stuck at the bottom of my belly that would erupt, and I couldn't control the anger. How you can tune in to other people's energy is a big gift and helped me understand the situation or experiences in a way that has helped me beyond words." - Sarah



What platforms will we be using for this immersion?

The workshops take place on Zoom. The group platform is hosted on Mighty Networks, a stand-alone platform for group engagement.


What if I'm not available for all four live classes?

All classes will be recorded, and you can watch them at any point that is convenient to you. Classes will build on one another, to some degree, so it is recommended to participate in them in order.


I'm a private person. How interactive is this program?

While participants are encouraged to ask questions and share reflections, please know this is a trauma-informed space. You will never be expected to share anything personal or participate beyond your personal comfort.


When is the next immersion?

This is the first time I am offering this work in this format. Depending on interest and impact, I will consider running the immersion again in late Fall or early Winter.


I have more questions. Can I reach out? 

Yes, please email me at and I'm happy to answer any of your questions.