Storywork Sessions

Dissolve your core obstacles

Your two hour session includes:

* Goal and Obstacle Review to continue your unwinding process

* Body Inventory to discuss any new physical manifestations in your body; such as injuries, illness or discomfort

* Story Check In to examine how patterns are currently manifesting in your life

* Intuitive wisdom and deeper exploration about the interconnection of any physical or emotional symptoms, and life experiences; as well as how they all relate to your deeper soul patterns.

* Distilling, Reframing and Dismantling of your core story and its resulting patterns to release their effect on you

* Mindfulness practices to take into your day to day life

The Storywork Sessions are intended to be on-going supportive sessions for your process. The frequency of sessions is determined by your unique goals and situation.


Susan has helped me so much over the past year, and her wellness session was insightful, intuitive and so helpful. - Anna